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Thread: Pre-DomWar V - Concept Art

  1. KLeCrone is offline
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    Hey all!

    After looking at my composition and hearing some great feedback from some of you: I have to agree that the focus just wasn't enough on the figures. After some cropping and a bit of moving around stuff, I think I have something a bit "tighter." As everything is "painted" on one layer, it's still a bit "mooshy" but I'm starting to toy around with some minor form-ideas before I go fully into "render and lighting" mode. Is this composition working? To me, it looks like it puts the Technomage in more jeopardy (which I think is a good thing).

    I have a feeling this is going to be a busy week to finish this before the deadline.
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    A small update before I head home for the night. I can't seem to find a way to edit my previous post with this update, so apologies for what, at first glance, might appear to be a double-post.
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    Here is my progress for my corrupted so far. I've begun painting him, and have finished the base colors. I will now begin to rust out the metal and add complimentary colors. Ugh, thanksgiving has slowed my work so bad :P

    Anyway, here is the corrupted. Cheers to you all, keep working!
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    Hi there
    There's some pretty badass stuff in this thread... :P
    You are all very talented artists, keep up the good work!
    BTW some WIP over here...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saxihim View Post
    Here is my progress for my corrupted so far. I've begun painting him, and have finished the base colors. I will now begin to rust out the metal and add complimentary colors. Ugh, thanksgiving has slowed my work so bad :P

    Anyway, here is the corrupted. Cheers to you all, keep working!
    that guy holds a very dangerous looking thing.
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    WIP on my entry, i'm not all that quick when painting so i decided to go for a simple composition - a face-off between the two characters. Comments & Crits are welcome

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    Figured, I'd update again. I am into it, just feeling that there are some missing elements to really push this illustration further. I have some ideas like putting in stop signs and stop lights in and maybe some power poles to give it more story. Not sure where to go with it yet. Well here is an update following my thoughts on everyone elses works. Amazing progresses everyone!:thumb:
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  8. apacalyrical is offline
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    Here's what I got for my War General...

    I have a story of the two and their history, and I'm really excited about it because it adds a lot of depth between the two..

    It's pretty long and I'll tell it later buuuuut here is what I got so far for the war general. Time is running so my beginning process has been shortened(I do most of my thumbnails in my sketchbook anyways) so I can jump straight up into the illustration.

    Uploaded with
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    rickardwestman- Your entry is looking spectacular! Keep it up. I love how you presented your characters. Definitely waiting to see the final on this one.

    Absorber- No worries mang. I hope to see in the big dance my dude. You've got some nice sillouettes.

    lapislazuli- Really nice sketch on the war general. He has alot of personality. I am interested to how the design further develops.

    TheQiwiMan- Pretty cool design. I am waiting to see how this one further develops.

    Wreckonning- Aw man that is cool. Waiting to see more.:thumb:

    Ranz- Cool comp. Waiting to see more.

    messioddt- Do study some more. Life drawing etc. Have fun painting though. I encourage that more than anything.

    Neverheidae- Focus on separating you character from the background. They are most important in the hiearchy. You can do this with color, by adding some cool to the background or you can do this with value less contrast on the back. I see you somewhat doing it, push it further. Also the chicks head is a bit big and left arm is really long. You could probably fix it best with making legs longer and just shortening the arm. Make sure those things are fixed before you tighten some more. Good luck.

    cpt lee- Nice colors. Waiting to see more development.

    2wenty- Really nice environment sketch. Waiting to see how the war general develops.

    bahamut0- Sketch some more ideas. It helps writing stuff down, if you need that. Also pull inspiration. It can lend a hand in getting the creative juices going. Good luck. Looking cool dude.

    nichiyobi- Really cool sketch dude. No worries on the rush. Do what you can.

    walrus- I am just waiting to see the final Mike. Nice tight clean rendering. I love the details with all of those rivets. Waiting to see more progress. :thumb:

    Lehar-Good to see you doing something here keep it up. Study hard on painting everything from life photos, pretty much anything that you can get your hands on to better the skillz. Have fun painting though. I dont want to discourage you from painting mang.:thumb:

    Ex0rc15t- You can play with the edges and add some atmosphere to give the illusion of one leg behind the other I think. Explosion in the back would add more color variation as well. Just a couple of things that I wanted to add. Good work.

    ELR- You've got some cool stuff happening with your entry. I like the idea, but I do believe you could better portray the corrupt as a capture ally. I think it would be cooler to show that the corrupt is controlled by stone thingys around his arms and neck maybe legs to show that he is under the technomage's control. You could also design those thingys accordingly to the design of the techno mage. Whatever you decide on and do have fun doing it. I like the design of the technomage, no doubt abuout that.:thumb:

    artbyahm- Cool sketches dude. I like where you are going with the corrupt. Shadow is still a bit vague. As far as the corrupt, you could play with the big to small a bit more. Try some different variations of him; make his torso skinny, make it fat, arms long arms short, legs long, legs short, skinny with big head, fat with small head, etc. Play with the porportions. That is the fun in designing. Looking good though. Waiting to see more progress.

    David79- Really cool sketches. Gotta say, I like the direction the technomage is going. The ones in the second sketch really looks most pleasing. Chick with the floating arms I am really digging. 2 sketch over, I like as well. I would love to see those more developed. The War General sketch I like.

    apacalyrical- B and C looks good to me. I like big to small shapes happening in designs. Having a good balance big to small really lends a hand in good designs. Keep that in mind when working on your entry. Keep on working it.

    KLeCrone- You could have the wings pointing at the techno mage. I think it would flow better and give it some action in your piece. Doing so would give your painting a better compo. Everything else added should be supporting cast, Keep that in mind when working in some locational elements. Good luck with your entry.:thumb:

    Saxihim- Cool entry. I do believe that the detail kinda overcomplicates the design. There should be some distinguishables in you design like the, head being the main thing. It is a pretty easy fix if you are willing to go this route, either lessen the design the head or on chest area. Contrasting things allow for a better read. Cool design though, i like some of the little details in this entry. Good luck sir.:thumb:

    Gominoid- Dont be afraid to sketch with the hard-edged brush. I think that would help you more with solid clean edges. 2 you can make selections easier. You could also use the lasso tool to help with some clean edges. you can soften some edges after. Can't wait to see this one more developed. Looks interesting.

    miycko- I think you could do some forshortening on the chick with the arm. Shoot or find some reference to help you out with the pose. Good luck with your entry.
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  10. tipa_graphic is offline
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    Thanx for feedbacks!
    Here is some WIP. Hope you like it

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    so here's my wip.... it's still being worked on, but I haven't posted in a while, so thought i'd just post what im workin on thus far.... i've got plenty of work to get done on this.. hope i make the deadline :O
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  12. apacalyrical is offline
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    Soooo I have a quick question, hoping someone can answer this..

    But what happens after the deadline for this Pre War? Is the second half where we go more into detail with this oooor will it be an entirely new project? Thanks in advanced!
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  13. CAH_Popo is offline
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    another sketches, go on drawing~~~
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  14. ELR
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    apacalyrical - I am pretty sure that the 6th dec is the only deadline for this pre DW. I guess
    the "big" on is in Jan. Hope I could answer your question.
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  15. cpt lee is offline
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    the god's guidance

    This idea mainly comes from the Inca civilization. the history of Inca Empire is always connected to the war and blood. As the largest empire in pre-Columbian America , every male Inca had to take part in war at least once so as to be prepared for warfare again. Incas believe they were the descendant of Inti, the sun godůSo ,here I drawing two character, one is priest who got magic power and also act as the Communicator to The will of God , another one is the empire general who need the power and the god's guidance to dominace the war ,to defeat the coming enemy and protect his country from darkside power,no matter what will happened,and what he will pay for such given,he believe the god,he believe final victory belong to his empire.
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    CAH_Popo - Great silhouette and presence on that guy! It might be nice to try a pose where his back leg isn't lost behind the front one.

    apacalyrical - This DW mini is just a warm-up for the main event starting in January. Your entry - and the rules themselves - will have nothing to do with this current competition, so that people who didn't take part in the mini can play in the real Dominance War too.... Anyhow: I like your TechnoMage designs but can't tell: Are those supposed to be the whole body or just masks? Cool looking either way! As for your general, the arms seem a bit long in your front views. I know, I should talk, my General's arms are huuuuge, but I'm clearly going for non-realistic anatomy. It's not clear whether you are or not. If so, really push it further so it's clear, or if not, you might try shortening the arms so that the fingers can't touch the knees.

    Tipa_Graphic - Beautiful design and coloring on your character! I really love the creature on the left, the colors, the texture, the shapes... Is the cat-like creature on the right one of your characters, a Technomage or a WarGeneral or something? I can't tell if it's supposed to be a character or a wandering monster or a familiar. As for your leaf-cutter-character (a WarGeneral?) as much as I love it, I have two suggestions: His right arm gets lost because it's on a tangent with the right leg. (Sorry, I'd have commented on that earlier if I'd seen it before you committed to color.) Secondly, his blade seems less threatening than the back of his legs and various other parts of the body. It seems unnecessary... or maybe you just need a bigger blade! Anyhow, just my opinion... Great work so far!

    Miycko - Nice character design! but if they're facing off against each other, they should be prepared to do it with more than mean glares. The poses are somewhat static: Try pushing them further (if you have time!)

    David79 - Great designs and silhouettes! The WarGeneral especially reminds me of both WoW and Joe Maduriera, which is great. Nice work so far.

    ArtbyAhm - I know you're not entirely happy with it but I really like the shape of your corrupted. Cool design, and distinctive silhouette.

    ELR - Great designs on both characters so far! I think wrockonning has a good point about not binding the hands... but on the other side, it balances a battle too, to show that the little guy has subjugated the big monster. Either way, I think that giving the mage a more dynamic pose might add more energy to your illustration.
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  17. Nether is offline
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    @CAH_Popo Your design looks very menacing and massive. Reminds me of warhammer chaos knights.

    @ELR The technomage design is simply put: cool, elegant and awesome. Too bad the corrupted steals most of his thunder by dominating the picture.

    @apacalyrical I'm really diggin' the old shogun look you got going on your war general. The concept of displaying his victory trophies on his back banner and armour looks really interesting. Takes the idea of medals of honor to another level.

    @David79 Of all your concepts I like the technomage with the huge mecha arms the most. I actually started thinking about something similar at the beginning of this comp, but I've gone a whole different way since then.

    I myself have hit a wall and I seem to be getting nowhere with my second character design. Only thing decent I've come up with so far is a composition and color sketch of my shadow and technomage together. Here it is:

    Name:  pre-dwv_sketches5.jpg
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    My Comicon'15 Entry: NIGHTBLADE (Nightcrawler/Warblade)
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  18. Saxihim is offline
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    Ive finished painting my corrupted, so I will now begin working on the shadow. Hopefully I'll have this and a background finished by deadline.
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  19. Ranz is offline
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    CAH_Popo - Nice design

    Nether - Man, I like your designs and the layout....can't wait to see it finished.

    Saxihim - nice job on the color....I'm jealous. aper:

    David79 - Your General is great. I especially like the helmeted version..kudos.

    apacalyrical - thanks for the suggestions. I plan on more detail for sure, these last couple of posts were layout ideas of which I am having some problems with, so the two characters were roughed in.

    Speaking of which, I think I found one I am happy with. I think I might turn the technomage's (the female) head for more of a profile to show off the plume and some detail, but if I don't decide on a decent layout, I'll never finish.
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  20. ELR
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    David79 - Thanks man, I tried to make the whole composition more exciting. Really hope you like the new result. I truly love your technomage with the arms, its a insanely good silhouette. But it got some weight problems, it need something to help her move and bear the weight. I'm thinking some gravity stuff. I would reather see you pull it off than make a mech avatar for her. Hope you could use some of it. Great designs.

    apacalyrical - I really love the way you use your brain to create a story. Like the compressed magic. Could be cool to have it as a resource in real life. Keep up the good work.

    beelow - thanks for the criticism (: I will work on making it clearer. I think you have to reconsider your composition. Go through it and check where the eye travels. You really got some painting skills mate (; think about the mood and composition. Cheers!

    tipa_graphic - Really nice rendered, and I really think the creature is awesome. But maybe you should try to make it more shadow/ class you want. In my opinion you need a clearer design. Hope you can use the CC (:

    CAH_Popo - Love the way you play with scale. I reminds me too much of Warhammer Chaos. See if you can tweak the design more, keep the scale of it.

    walrus - Thanks, I gotta admit that I'm a big fan of yours. You are truly inspiration, have been since I joined GA. I tried to fix the composition and I will tweak it futher (: I like that your War Generals armor have a bit of steampunk. Thats really neat. Looking forward to color and shading of the technomage. thanks again man.

    Nether - Tried to give the technomage more of the picture, so they are more even (; but you still knows who's the boss. Thanks alot for the words of my TM really glad that you like it.

    I think it's brave and inventive to take a lizard approach, and super awesome that you did it. If I were you, I'll would do some more thumbnails of scenes and compositions. Just to try different compositions out. Try making a dynamic one to contrast the calm one you made (: Really hope that you could use this.

    Parus A. - Personally I think it's alright with the logo. Really nice work, try getting the composition down before rendering. Looking forward to your next post!


    If I have offended anyone, then I am truly sorry have never been my intention.
    I see my replies as relevant and useful. In the end I really wanna see us make some awesome work so we can represent GA as best as possible. :thumb:


    I reworked the scene, changed the composition. Really think it adds more dynamic and interest. I made the technomage come more to life and take some more space. I added him composition wise in charge. He is higher than the Corrupted, and the corrupted is on his knees. strong vs. weak in body langue. For the handcuffs and the "magic" stones... I'm working on it ! and THANKS ALL FOR THE AWESOME CRITIC !

    Still need to correct a lot, but here's a update!

    Last I have a question if I am able to post this on CGfeedback ? since they are not part of this competition? Else I have to go and delete my thread. Just wanna make sure.
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