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Thread: Pre-DomWar V - Concept Art

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    Quote Originally Posted by FredH View Post
    I would like to jump in and say, yes, the date is December 8th, but December 8th is a Wednesday. The new deadline is Wednesday night, December the 8th.

    The deadline has been extended for one reason and one reason only - the submission system can now take up to 12 extra w.i.p images. These images can be submitted alongside your main final image. They are to be used for artists wishing to showcase the start to finish of their entries. Specifics coming up soon....

    Great idea! But can show the entire front of these pictures? The process of creating concepts, not only how to draw the final picture but as the design and thought over what capabilities could be provided with the character for a better perception of modeling it in 3D? I think it only helps modeler. At least two sheets for that.

    and thanks for the new deadline :thumb:
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  2. FredH is offline Administrator
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    Ekaterina K - Hopefully, this new page will help
    If you have more questions after this, private message me:thumb:

    marat-ars - for this challenge, it's mainly about the final illustration and how it was made. Adding extra images as turn around shots of your character is fine if this gave you personal insight about how to properly create and display your final illustration and the characters that made up the image
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    I don't find my name. It's OK

    Thx for the info about extension.
    I still confuse to put effect/magic to the character or just leave it clear. :think:
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  4. FredH is offline Administrator
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    Why is that unclear? As long as your effects doesn't cover your characters body like crazy, it should be fine. Example, shooting a fireball into the distance is fine. Shooting a fireball so that a character is engulfed and the only thing we see is a black tormented silhoutte with some semblance of a face in anguish, is seriously not fine. In the end, Effects are fine as long as you don't hide the bodies
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    Also, I saw some progress from the other forums. Sweet superman, I might have made the alliance and allegiance teams too strong:s I hope you guys have your energy drinks purchased and ready, because it's going to be sleepless weekend for you all. Good luck
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    Here is my first sketch - a Techno Mage. The other char will probably be a War general, but the Corrupted is also tempting.

    Great work so far people.

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    Oh man, a few extra days is just what I needed. I haven't really posted much so far, being busy and all, but I will be sure to post my progress constantly until the very end. Anyways I have some messy sketches of an icy technomage and a volcanic war general. Not much more to say. I might give the technomage a staff and the war general some kind of fiery weapon, though I haven't decided what yet.
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    final wip, rest is render and cleanup
    keep up the good work and godspeed
    cya all at deadline
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    Wow, two extra days! Music to my ears. My final piece is still in the making and working on it seems to take forever. Here's a current WIP:

    Name:  pre-dwv_Final02.jpg
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Size:  90.1 KB
    My Comicon'15 Entry: NIGHTBLADE (Nightcrawler/Warblade)
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    Desnew: AWEsome. I would just get some more blues on the red guy and otherwise it looks great!

    CAH_Popo: I love your ghostly people... are those technomages? What's between them? Love how solid the dark guy is.

    marat-ars: Thanks for the happy art globe ^_^

    CAH_Jack That looks really solid! I especially like how the guy below looks, can't wait to see the crowd you're making.

    artbyahm: I like your corrupt shape, but the woman really makes me think of a twi-lek from Star Wars. Nicely rendered, just be careful of that aspect I'd say.

    Everyone else: I'm looking at all of em but just don't have time to post more than this at work! I'm been doing overtime, no time to work on this concept... hopefully I can tonight.

    Go, Go Team GA!
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    rickardwestman: HOLY CRAP! I just saw your progress, it's tremendous! You made her so smooth and it's lit so nicely. I'd love to see how you got from what you had to this.
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    thx fred that is a good info ! for the ppl who is working at day
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  13. Kuch Vasta is offline
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    Hey guys! Grats on the new deadline :thumb: That's a huge relief to know you have 2 more days to draw, isn't it? Anyway everybody's doing an amazing work and I'm pretty surprised that even at this time there are still new members joining! Thumbs up.

    As for me, despite the positive feedback, wich I appreciate a lot, I completely changed the composition, feeling the new one works better on presenting my chatacters. I already started dropping base colors, but since I haven't shown anything quite awhile, here's base lineart. Hope you like it. I'll finish and post the base color version tomorrow.
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    Wow, a lot of awesome concepts! And I'm joining late to keep the pressure on my little brain.
    Heres what Ive done in the last hour or so. Shadow character..just some quick concepts.

    A friend suggested I combine the left sketch's top half with the middle sketches bottom half.

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  15. Saxihim is offline
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    almost finished. Now I just need to finish mr shadow then BAM!
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  16. bahamut0 is offline
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    im still alive!! xD... well im thinking about how just could see the whole composition, but i have a question... can i put 3 characters on the image? i mean, the 3rd one it's just a "refill" to justify the pose D;

    sorry for my bad english...
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    Finally got the shadow blocked in, now to the detail work. I changed the shadow to make her more of a creature. More work to come tomorrow.
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  18. spearman247 is offline
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    SOOOOO glad of the extended deadline! I decided to change my corrupted to a technomage, because the overall design fit a technomage better. I re designed my assassin a bit. He is more of an undead/cursed to live forever in a tormented state of eternal hunger kind of guy. He is still, however, a shadow. Anyways, here's the latest update! Keep up the great work everyone!!!
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  19. ACap is offline
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    Saxihim - I am happy to see your progress. Definitely strong character. Eagely waiting for your shadoW!
    Mukhtar - Do not be so harsh to your brain. It is still a lot of time to complete the competition. If you will forget about the sleep, of course) I like mid shadow.
    But I would add some patterns to his cloth, some deadly patterns)
    Kuch Vasta - That is looks amazing, man! Really cool composition. Keep it up!:thumb:
    Nether - It looks better and better. Do not be forget to add some highlights from the sky to your characters. I am often forget doing that.
    desnew - I am always wandered how some peoples can to work directly in color and make cool results!? It is not in the list of my abilities, but I am working over it). Good work, man. Good luck!
    aragornbird - Just do not stop, man. Waiting for your final!
    Genius_Malignus - Good begining, man. Hope you will complete it in time)
    android009 - Man! be more generous! More colour. Where is your background? Add it immediatelly. Even very rough sketch would be good to feel the composition. And I can say you, I am NEVER working on the white background. Create gray layer behind. It will really help your eye to estimates colors right. Make it man! You are must to complete it, after all you've done!
    CAH_Popo - Especially love your multy-pose character. Good work. Keep it up!
    Ranz - Vain? Man! you have one of the best linework I ever seen. Clean and simple, soft and beautiful! I think your artwork has a great potential. You just stayed too long on the monochromatic stage (as and I am). Now just jump into the color and do your best!
    CAH_Jack - Wonderful! Waiting for your final)
    DV8 - Work work. Very interesting characters. Love your corrupted)
    messioddt - Epic work, man! You did a lot of job and doing better and better with every shot. Keep it up!
    David79 - Better and better, man and awesome as always) I see your too tiny details lover. I am happy to find a person with similar preferences on this planet) good luck duda, Keep rocking!
    artbyahm - Cool entry, I would add more sharpnes. Good luck!
    abenson - Love your compostition. Keep it up, man!
    A.V. - Better and better. Keep it up!
    2wenty - Love your colors, eagerly waiting for final!
    AliceA - Welcome to GA. Good luck!
    P-Flute - Work, work. Waiting for you in the final)
    ELR - Cool job! Eagerly waiting for your final:thumb:
    Walt_Oaks - Strong entry. Good luck!
    tipa_graphic - Wonderful!. But I think you raised dead cat's body too high, I am infiltrated it only after few seconds. I would put it lower. It also would help to fill the empty space) Good luck, dude, Cool entry!
    rickardwestman - Awesome details, man. You always have an ace in your store):thumb:
    walrus - Fantastic style! Love it. Waiting for colors)
    Nightblue - Wonderful composition. Very dynamic. Love it)
    Shanku - Thank you! Cool composition. Waiting for your updates! Good luck!
    Lehar - Good job, man. Good luck!
    Ksan - Alas! I thought you will join to us. Prepare to the real deal on the real Dominance War!
    The last Druid - Good start, dude. Keep it up!
    apacalyrical - It is still a lot of time. Complete IT!
    miycko - Jump into the color and show us real Dominance war!
    spearman247 - Next time do not work on the white background. Now finish it. Creater real Fight!

    Here is my pre final for pre dw5. Still have some time to work over my 3d character. I am still nooby person in the poly -modeling, but I will complete it. Before or after the deadline.
    Still not happy with colors, as always. I think I will update it tomorrow and submit.
    Good luck to everyone. It is one of the best competitions I ever participated in!:thumb:
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    Great Entries everyone.

    My current progress

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