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Thread: Pre-DomWar V - Concept Art

  1. Wreckonning is offline
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    OMG so much to do so little time. But I cannot neglect feedback. Everyone is doing a great job
    GO team GameArtisans.:thumb:

    Walrus - I actually liked your choice to go with 2 and 4. It feels like their on top of a volcanic area and the red lighting is both dramatic and fitting. I feel your pain buddy. I would go with the more dramatic but localized intense lighting. Give it some variation. This one is tough because its not just one element its multiple facets that need adjustments. I wish I had more time to do a paintover for you. The best advice i could give you is to find one of your favorite artist that might have similar lighting and mimic what they have. All and all Great job. Keep up the awesomeness.

    Gintonio - Nice character. Its cool that you used the teams logo as weapons.
    Saxihim - I like your take on the shadow. Although he is shadow I really like all the colors you put into it.
    Mukhtar - I really love your mixture of the shadow with the top and bottom half. The character has a great mysterious feel.
    Kuch Vasta - Your pice is really coming together. Great composition.
    CAH_Popo - Awesome fighting scene. Very kinetic classic good and evil. The light versions of your other character is Baddass. Careful not to loose your character under them but its rough so im sure you will handle that in the final.
    Genius_Malignus - Great sketch on you Techno Mage. Very giger-esque.
    aragornbird - classic red and blue battle. Cool and Hot ideas. hehe.
    Desnew - Greatwork man! The pice is very kinetic with your loose painting style. Really gives a sense of action. Cant wait to see the Final.
    A.V. - cool composition.Get that final done.
    abenson - I love how your telling a story with your current composion. Mace in the face could be cool but unless the guy is really in shadow in might take away from your focal point.
    Artbyahm - Very pimp dude, great painting. I would suggest maybe some bold tatoo on one side of her body to give her some asymmetry. It could be used to subdue the corruption like ancient scriptures or something that could glow yellow when the corruption is realeased.
    DV8 - lol. Dude i love your fat corrupted. mouth open and spit flying from his mouth.Ots of chacacter.
    CAH_jack -Nice piece. i especially like how your lighting your scene. I would seperate your underlight and canopy light. Great underlighting and white canopy. Im sure your already aware of that and adjust it in the final.
    Nether - I like the story your telling in your composition. reminds me of the World of Warcraft cinematic with the tauren shaman looking of into the distance and casting some magic pounder. Some particles like embers from battle or blowing leaves would give it some atmosphere.
    Acap - cool details but their all the same size if you put it some bigger swatches of shapes it will give some areas for you eye to rest.
    marat-ars - still waiting for more awesomeness......
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    Hi, here's my very late entry but I wanted to join in and hopefully be able to finish in time. Here's my sketch. a technomage and a shadow battling it out. The techmage's guns coming out of a summon portal.

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  3. artbyahm is offline
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    Hi all.
    Update, but now i have to go work on my 3D-project now. Don't know if i get time to complete this...
    Comments are very welcome ofc.

    @Walrus - I'd go for 1 or 6. or something in between . A good thing going with that monochromatic colouring, and then the magical thing to add interrest

    @Wreckonning - awesome sketch!!
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    Check...Final concept

    Hi mates!!

    I'm not sure if I forget anything, hope not, for the final concept. Anyway, if you want to make any comments to improve it, please feel free to provide any feedback. In short, I'll upload the image with the workflow and some scene detail images.

    Best of luck, warriors!:thumb:

    [IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG]

    two detail image

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  5. Matt_White is offline
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    # 4 and #5 are my faves.

    @ Gintonia

    Really cool concept!

    Mine is soon to come :-)
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  6. DV8
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    shadow rework

    decided to rework my shadow character. gotta continue with tonal then get into some colour soon. nice work all,

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    Quote Originally Posted by spearman247 View Post
    SOOOOO glad of the extended deadline! I decided to change my corrupted to a technomage, because the overall design fit a technomage better. I re designed my assassin a bit. He is more of an undead/cursed to live forever in a tormented state of eternal hunger kind of guy. He is still, however, a shadow. Anyways, here's the latest update! Keep up the great work everyone!!!
    Be really carefull directly copying element of design. your assassin's weapons look really like needler and plasma gun from halo and the dress of you technomage look like a boxer robe I'm sure I've seen in a film.

    nice hellraiser style for your assassin.
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  8. Alexjh is offline
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    Quick update with progress since the first picture

    Changed the composition as intended and started adding colours. New composition still needs work, the left hand arm of the warlord needs work and I might add a buckler to the torch arm just to give it some more weight. Generally needs a lot more work across the board, especially on the shadow and the dead foreground troll monster. I am happy with the flag, but that standard pole bugs me and might need doing something with.

    Generally speaking I think I might desaturate the whole thing in a duplicate layer and then erase through onto a few points like the flag just to get a better level of contrast and make it looks bleaker. A lot still to do. Also warlord needs to be more obviously the old woman she is (adjusting the armour to be more obvious and to fix the weird shape she currently looks because on the mixed scale-mail)

    Comicon 2016 Entry - Squirrel Girl the Dullahan
    Comicon 2015 Entry - Power Girl x Phyla-Vell
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  9. cpt lee is offline
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    god's guidance

    no time to draw ,so ,here is my final sketching
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  10. Mukhtar is offline
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    Thanks guys! From Renaissance to Frazetta, but this time I actually checked out "Death Dealer" and immensly got inspired...So here I am playing around with his colour pallette! And I hope I can manage the details!

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  11. messioddt is offline
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    Thanks for all the support and help. This is close to my final image, if you see anything that is way out of wack let me know. I may tweek a few things but this is my final image. Let me know what you think!!
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  12. Gintonio is offline
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    cpt lee - your sketch is amazing. Colors are very nice. There are only few spots that I would change. The head size of the guy on the right side of the image and chest muscles on the standing guy.
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  13. walrus is offline
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    Still chuggin along. Wreckonning, thanks a lot for your comment! Your note about "localized but intesne lighting" was really helpful, and I ended up going in that direction. Can't tell you all which version of the color layout I picked: I ended up making a new one, sorta like #2 but with the character colors (and eventual spell effects) really amped up... here's a preview of the War General (as nothing else is showable yet! ) I haven't even gone in and added nicks and texture and scratches yet. Hope I have time!

    Sorry I don't have time to comment on others' works! The 2 day extension is nice but today's the only full day I'll have to work. Back to it...!
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  14. Melrick is offline
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    walrus, that looks fantastic. the metal is beautiful
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  15. Ksan is offline
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    Wreckonning-Lovely. You are making me fantastically jealous of your line work. Just wanna see where it goes.

    gontonio-Very nice effects and rendering. Would be neat if the effects from the left guy (blue lighting) reflected more on the right guy so they related more. Good work.

    artbuahm-from what I can see, it has great movement. Sorry you can't finish it.

    Lehar-Some really nice colors in some spots, looks like rainbow effects which is kinda neat. Definitely some quirckyness to it, congrats on your finish!

    DV8-I can't stop thinking to myself "moobs are gross" when I look at yours. Good!...I think.....Keep going !

    alexhj-good progress! I did not know that was an older woman before I read it. Her cheeks and lips are way too supple and smooth to be older, So thin it out and give her some wrinkles. Keep it up.

    cpt Lee-Neat colors, very nice painting style. It is a pity you can't finish it to a more polished state, but nice job.

    Mukhtar-hey, Frazetta is cool. Go for it!

    Walrus-I have, for whatever reason, fallen in love with the folds on his right arm. I know there are way more interesting things to look at on the screen, but I am in love with it. Very well executed in general, as always.

    doodling some more. I will finish this at some point. May throw up some color for fun later tonight.

    Everyone else-Keep at it! great work!
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  16. Amethyst is offline
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    walrus: i m p r e s s i v e! AWESOME! I'm totally stunned...... :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    @walrus - yes, they are brother and sister for sure ^^ totally intentional and I'm glad someone else sees it I have a background that is being worked on, just haven't posted it yet .... will probably post it this evening
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    @walrus - that is coming along really awesome. can't wait to see the rest of it.

    @lehar - i love the expressions

    @gintonio - that's so freakin cool

    here's where i am right now with a little more work done. hopefully i can get the whole b&w done tonight so i can color in tomorrow
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  19. U-TRN is offline
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    I'm really diggin' seeing the development of these all coming together - Some serious stuff going on!

    Apologize for my absence, I'm back and updating!
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    @Daharan86: Yeah, I got the idea for the spikes from the needler, but I tried to not copy it. The plasma gun weapon, and the robe were sheer coincidence, anyways thanks for the feedback.

    @ACap: Thanks for the advice. I forgot to turn on the background. I WILL FINISH THIS!!!

    curses, the background is too vivid.
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