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Thread: Pre-DomWar V - Concept Art

  1. Wreckonning is offline
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    Thanks everyone for all the comments, I appreciate all the feedback.:lucky:

    Heres a little tidbit for anyone having problems having their characters getting lost in their whole composition.

    Take your image throw a desaturation adjusment layer over it and color pick the values from your characters focal point and do the same with your background. Your characters should have the most contrast because thats where you want your eye to go to. The background should be alot lighter almost like if there is a slight fog in the background. This is only for pieces that have environments that go back in the distance. The farther things go back the less detail and less contrast.

    C&C Time:thumb:

    Shanku - Your piece is really shaping up. I know staying late nights you miss somethings you already know. Your original greysale piece had a good seperation from your bg. You started to mix the contrast levels of your characters and bg in color.knock back the bg a bit and your should be solid. Other than that great composition. Really cool characters. Keep up the goodwork.

    Android009 - I like your characters poses. dynamic and ready to fight. Your characters a blending in with your bg. knock back your bg to get some seperation. Maybe even throw a dutch tilt on the piece to give a more dynamic aspect to the piece.

    cakeypigdog- nice paintwork. I really like all the loose brushstrokes on the guy in the bg.

    AliceA - cool character. I like the assymetry.

    Acap - Try knocking back your bg. Even the soldiers in the back. This might help your piece breath.

    Gintonio - Great rendering and detail on your characters.

    Genius_Malignus - I really love you recent thumbnails. Try to keep some of that energy and motion.

    David79 - Awesome character work. Im really diggin all the details and design on your armor sets. Only C&C I can give is to seperate that bg a little bit. Since the bg is pretty close maybe you can use some of the grey smoke from the fire in the bg to add some seperation and have your characters pop. Keep up the grat work.

    Gominoid - I like how you incorporated the teams colors in your characters. One thing I can suggest is to push the lighting on your characters. If you take them to greyscale their all pretty much in the mid range. Get a really intense canopy light or rim light.

    Bloodeye - I would also suggest to seperate the bg.

    Ranz - cool composition. try getting some atmosphere in your bg so the brown on your bg is not the same brown on your character.

    Walt_Oaks - I like the story your telling with your piece.

    Ruijei007 - Crazy colors man. Your piece is looking cool. Maybe focus the color intensity on your characters.

    nichiyobi - Close up your characters look awesome. What do you think about having a composition that bring them a tad bit closer.

    Nether - Love all the lights you have put on all your characters. I like the atmosphere you put on the bottom tower maybe knock back the 2 others to get a nice seperation. All the lines in your clouds are look pretty uniform, try varying it up so you dont get a repeating cloud line all the way down. Keep up the good work.
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  2. David79 is offline
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    Wreckonning thx buddy and thx for the c&c i can make the change now since the delivery is puched to 15, whe can refine moar the draws !
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  3. Mukhtar is offline
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    Really nice work eveyrone I'm glad I can be here and join you all!
    Considering we have a new extension, I thought I'd change my scene completely to an Ice/Snow environment. It's winter after all

    Here's my WIP for it.

    Hmm experimenting with the Shadow characters' effects...

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  4. android009 is offline
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    @wreckoning - I'm planning on adding some blowing up of the buildings in the background.... I love the color blue and I guess it's my curse XD .... put too much blue in it so now my poor characters blend with the building.. I figure some nice orange blow up fire would create a nice contrast ...... lol.. new update tonight at some point... have to go to work in a few...

    everyone: love how everything is turning out! I'm super amazed with everyone's work and very happy for the extra week

    @fred - sorry to hear about your drama... hope everything works out... I love this forum.. it's super supportive and informational.. I don't know how I could help, but if you need something feel free to contact me via e-mail
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  5. Wreckonning is offline
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    Mukhtar- Dude love the kinetic energy of your piece. Its like a dance of death.
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  6. Mukhtar is offline
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    Wreckonning - Thanks man. It took a few tries to get the background in check! Still a lot of work to do And I have to say that your piece is blasting my mind man...really pro stuff. Its quite relaxing to look at too! epic softness
    Ex0rc15t - Your piece is awesome man. I like the designs and the cool walk like in the movies :P Although my personal taste would be to remove the explosion in the back.
    Lehar - Awesome style! Reminds me of some old fairytale books I used to read when I was a kid!
    Gintonio - Your works so neat and clean! pretty good. Designs good too!
    David79 - The values are looking good man Cant wait to see the finished piece.
    Shanku - Great work man! Although I do like the greyscale more than the coloured...seems to be high in contrast. keep it up.
    walrus - Always amazing I dont think I have anything useful to say to you! But you could work more on the spell effect Make it more "Epic".
    Walt_Oaks - Rare to see a rainy environment here! I like it.
    Ruijie007 - So many colours! O_O It'd be cooler if you toned them down a bit.
    Laxman - Aweomse. Pro rendering.
    cakeypigdog - haha. Nice. Vintage stuff there.
    Nether - Hehe repltilian army I like the designs. I'm guessing the chameleon cloaks? :P

    And all others I have respect for your pieces! Im just not in the right frame of mind to give "GOOD" constructive criticism.
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  7. Paulo Peres is offline
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    Amazing scene, Mukhtar. The characters's work is going well too.
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  8. abenson is offline
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    Small progress I am learning a lot on this piece though. I will bump the values up with some highlight overlay layers. Just wanted to show something.
    Attached Images  
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  9. balasa is offline
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    got a little more done.. good thing for the extension i think i can manage to finish this on time
    Attached Images  
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  10. Amethyst is offline
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    Mukhtar: Just the weather here in Montreal - lots and lots of snow - it was lovely the first day, but now it's enough of it. Tired of waiting for buses and overcrowded metros - brrrrrrm Your scenes are very special, More and GL. :thumb:

    I see a lot of interesting art on this thread and can't wait to see the finals. Go go go
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  11. Mukhtar is offline
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    Paulo Peres and Amethyst Thank you so much I appreciate it! I wish it was this snowy where I live! It snowed one day, the rain the next day and we had ICE!...I could have Ice-skated to the shop! haha! but no thats just stupid.

    Ok! Finaly update then sleep time for me More work tomorrow!

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  12. Shanku is offline
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    @Digital3D hmm... damn 1k is max huh? That's fairly small. So long it reads well. It's all that matters I guess. Yea, I didn't like the face as much, so I decided to play around with it. Gonna keep it like carapace like...

    @Wreckonning Hmm.. not sure how I should approach it. I want to make sure that my character are sitting with the setting well and not have them pop out like they are cut out and pasted onto the background. I guess what you meant was that I should have less contrast on my background? I don't know... maybe I'm not thinking right at the moment, I haven't slept for 2 days after all. I should get some sleep and have a look at it again.

    @Mukhtar good luck! You're restarting your piece? Hehe, 1 week exactly to be precise. I did all mine within a week, I'm sure you can do it too!! Yea, is overly high in terms of contrast, I should subtle some of the elements and parts....

    @abenson where are you planning to have your 2nd character? ;o

    @balasa good luck!


    So, after staying up for 40+ hours, I'm out of juice of the day (obviously) though I whipped out a quick change. I'll take a good day rest then start refining the piece some more.... gnite guys!

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  13. Wreckonning is offline
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    Shanku-bg less contrast is what I meant.
    Balasa- great scene. I love how dynamic it is.
    Android009 - oh yeah blow it up! I hear ya on the favorite color
    Thing.mine is red i use it alot too hehe. Just remember colors are alot more
    Vibrant when its next to somethig with less color.
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  14. 2wenty is offline
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    Home Stretch. There are a few more things to put in and certain things changed.

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  15. desnew is offline
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    final image... i hope :think: still got time but i think i will overwork the piece if i keep messing with it
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  16. kinonato is offline
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    So I heard I still got time, Keep Going!! Keep Going!!!

    desnew & Mukhtar, grate job, looking realllllly good there.
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  17. Mukhtar is offline
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    Shanku - Wreckonning is right, less contrast for your piece will be best. Also, try not to use the Dodge and Burn tool so much..Too much of it will raise the contrast and will kill colours! So try to balance it out and desaturate a little bit. Maybe you should start doing that in a new Noraml layer, pick the colours and add them yourself. Overlay and Color layers tend to be high in contrast when handled in high doses. Get back to basics Good luck!
    2wenty - Looking good. But may I suggest an anatomy study for you? Check the Male characters' proportions. Arms are too short compared to his legs. Easily fixed by stretching the Forearms a tiny bit. nice designs. and your background is pro!
    desnew - Cool stuff going on there maaan! you plenty of time, dont worry! I can feel a very nice sense of 80's Sci-Fi in your piece, whic I love keep it up.
    kinonato - Nice sketches you got there keep it up!
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  19. Primorbid is offline
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    So, I went off to create a general, but ended up with a shadow. I think my brain is telling me that my two main characters will be doing battle with some shadows. I should have the rest up soon. hope you guys dig it, feel free to leave some comments as this is the first art contest I've entered.

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    Hi everyone this is my first post here and my first competition too!

    Hope we can all get along well and I am trying to improve which is why I am here, so please feel free to give me any critics no matter how harsh they are!

    Ive been looking through the thread and would like to congratulate everyone on all the amazing artwork here!

    Here is my initial sketch:

    On the cliff is a female technomage and below im still not sure what to put explaining the scribble

    wow sorry its so big Oo
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