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Thread: Pre-DomWar V - Concept Art

  1. Mukhtar is offline
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    cakeypigdog - mix up the features on the ladies, one should have a big nice butt and perky breasts, and the other perky butt and big breasts. I dont know if you would like that but I would

    TheRipple - Welcome to GA man It is big, maybe resize for presentational purposes but keep original size for final but yeah good to have you here man.
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  2. apacalyrical is offline
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    Ripple - Welcome dude. Not sure when the deadline is coming however it's good that you're still taking a stab at it, adn I would suggest even if you miss it, still continue it. Right now, I know there are time constraints, but I think if you haven't done so already, to really flesh out as many different ideas as you can for your characters, just for good practice. If you can develop atleast a story for your character, I think that would give you a boost in what to design. Perhaps what if the Technomage is a human mage who has been taken over by a cyborg parasite? Or if the Technomage

    primestudios - What's up Bryant. Imo your "Shadow" actually looks more like a War General, just a demented one haha. You seem to be on your way, so it's just a matter of seeing your overall composition and your other piece. Good stuff bro!

    cake - DUde it's looking awesome man. Love the illustration you got going for the girls. Are you finished with the general? He looks good however pales in comparison with your two female figures.

    kinonato - Unsure if those are the final designs or just the figure poses. If they are, I'd suggest perhaps reinforcing that circle design on your techno mage somewhere else on the body. Don't be afraid to go shit crazy, cause if it ever goes too far you can always bring it back down. Right now for your shadow, there isn't a focal point on him. Perhaps if you played with the lights on his body, making a focal point with a design and then made all the other lights smaller, helping reinforcing that main design. When we think of Super man, we think of his S, the Green Lantern, his ring. Jason with his mask, and Punisher with that large Skull. Have something iconic with that theme, so we know he's something important.

    Desnew - THat looks real dope!. Great piece.

    2wenty - Sick man. Love the titan in the background coming out.Only thing I'd say is that some people who will look at the mage may not get the idea that she is connected body parts formed together by that energy force. Perhaps make it a bit more obvious, like how you have it for that straight leg, that completely reads, do the same for the higher arm. And yeah lengthen that forearm.

    Shanku - looking good dude. Looks like it's just a matter of time for the rendering to come out. The design of your general looks pretty dope dude. perhaps putting more comets in the background(Definitely make them smaller so they won't interfere with your present composition) would add to the intensity of this piece and the idea that you already got going on.

    Mukhtar - Looking good dude, however both figures look a bit stiff imo. Perhaps because neither of them have a strong tilt on their torso. Perhaps if you just tilt on of them more it would make it that much more dynamic. But the rendering is looking awesome dude good stuff!

    So here's mine. Not entirely satisfied but I think that it's more of me just putting more mileage in to get a better feel for compositions and having something just look kick ass lol :P

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  3. Genius_Malignus is offline
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    Mukhtar: Good action and energy in your piece. Like the ice setting.

    Shanku: Though the colours are better, I knda liked the monster's face better before. Seems too much like a lizard/dragon now - not as scary.

    2wenty: I think working on the contrasts to create more depth would work well for your piece.

    desnew: I really like your colour palette. Maybe you should use the extra time to sharpen up your piece and refine the point of interest ?

    cakeypigdog: Looking better and better, but where are the swords?
    And great latex effect btw.

    apacalyrical: It looks like you went a bit too over board on the blur effects, at the cost of focus and the ability to read the characters. Too bad since it looks like there is an interesting piece underneath it all.

    Thanks for the comments, and great to see everyone's progress.
    Here is some more rendering on my piece.
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    A little update

    apacalyrical, nice going there, but i guess i was hopping the motion blur effect be a little lest, but then again, it'll lose the dramatic effect right? hehe. but then every 1 els is telling u that, i guess u shud stick to ur slf, duit d way ur comfortable with. i believe it will turn out fine. GL.

    Genius_Malignus, I think u did a nice play, there, but i guess the character is a little far from the focus? JMPOV. GL
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  5. walrus is offline
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    Here's my latest version. The most obvious change is that I repainted the TechnoMage's skirt, but there's a lot of little stuff too; steam, vignetting the background more, adding textures, detailing the armor more, scaling up the spell effect... Anyhow, running out of what to change. Any last suggestions?

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    @Wreckonning Thanks for your comments. I'll try varying the clouds a bit, but I don't want to focus too much on them, because that way I could easily over-do them and take the focus of the characters. Point taken nonetheless and I will be improving them for the final picture.
    Your colors are look fantastic. Great palette and texture.

    @Gintonio Thank you for your helpful paintover which you sent me. I hadn't even realized there was a major perspective issue with my technomage. That's what you get for staring at your own work too long. Your own work is looking great. I really love the detailed design of both characters. That spiky ball attached to the corrupteds back with his own skin is just plain disgusting, in a good way that is. I also like how you incorporated the GA logo on your technomage.

    @Cakeypigdog Your piece is so retro and so modern at the same time. How can that be?! So cool.

    @nichiyobi Loving the samurai corrupted ripping his own face off. It's got that same good kind of grossness that's in Gintonios corrupted. Good work.

    @Shanku Liking the mostly muted down palette. Really makes the bright reds pop out. I don't think it's too dark, at least on my monitor. I can make everything out just fine.

    @Mukhtar You progressing very fast on your work. The dynamic movement on your piece just simply awesome. That combined with your good painting technique really makes for a superb piece of art. I like all the little design details on your general and I'm hoping you'll give something similar to your shadow.
    Oh, and yes my chameleon is supposed to cloak. How on earth did you ever guess that.

    @Walrus I just can't get past the fact that steam punk design on your characters is simply awesome. I keep staring at your work in amazement. I'm especially liking the general's armor.

    Here's also an update on my work. I feel like I'm heading towards a wall again since I'm not sure what to do with this. Some more detail work needs to be done for sure and also the clouds require more breaking up. Any pointers?

    Name:  pre-dwv_Final05.jpg
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  7. FredH is offline Administrator
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    walrus - suggestions? hmm, your image is looking really good, but at the moment, it looks a bit too clean. I guess adding effects and stuff is the very last step, however, I'll just mention it in case... some form of a dust cloud or something could be cool to take attention away from the sharp feet and base of your characters. Just seems weird that everything is soo crispy. Other than that, cut the bottom and top of the image so it's in widescreen format rather then a square. It seems like the large background is actually taking attention away from your sweet characters. I am sure you are already on top of this. I must apologize for stating basic stuff. Other than this, your image is looking really good man As always, well done!
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  8. walrus is offline
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    No, I actually hadn't thought of either of those, Fred (of course, this was close to 1am and I wasn't thinking about anything much other than sleep!) When I do DWs I very much do get in the mode of thinking in square compositions, using up the maximum pixel dimensions allowed, so I hadn't considered letterboxing at all. Great ideas, I'll give them a shot.

    Nether - Thanks! It's hard to come up with crits for your piece, it's really solid! But one thing that comes to mind is that you've god glows on the blue laser-y parts, but they're not really casting light or acting as a light source at all. But you could do more of that: For example, the front guy could use a rim light on the back from the light made by the tail, or on the back of the arm from the knee, etcetera. (Come to think of if, I forgot to add more rim lights into my own piece: That's one of the last steps I almost always add in a painting.)
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  9. ELR
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    update !

    So here is my progress so far. We just finished a school exam project.
    hope to spent most of my weekend working on this!

    and yes xD! changed the composition again for the bette :thumb:

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  10. kinonato is offline
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    Heres my update. still working on the glow and stuff, incase u ask, the background in "sketchup", for ppl like me, an enviroment dumbass, well its a kick stars.

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  11. Wikz is offline
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    Awesome work everyone. I am a bit late but since the time has been extended thought I would try out my tablet. So here is my first character the general and Im working on my mount which is probably going to be a shadow. Having trouble picking the generals setup. Feedback welcome.

    KinonatoIm liking the metalic look of the girl, nice.
    ELRawesome composition the lighting is looking good. it would be nice to see a bigger picture.
    walrus as usual crazy good. The chick is awesome. I agree with fred about the cleanness.

    Name:  WIPgeneral.jpg
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  12. Shanku is offline
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    Woohoo!! Parteh!!! I'm sooo frigging buzzed right now! Party at the studio on a friday night yyyeeehhhh!!!! Just got home like... oh man.. feeling wobbly.... i'm surprised i can.. .still.... ttyyyyypppeee..... but yea!!!! parteh onnnnN!!! no work done tonight..... I think i'm gonna pass out in bed...
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  13. abenson is offline
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    update where I am so far.

    Walrus- you thought about adding a motion blur affect to the teeth on your war generals saw sword?
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  14. David79 is offline
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    quick update!
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    Redone the composition, dropping the dead troll thing in the foreground, and extending it so it shows the environment. The thing in the foreground is going to be a cairn with a few skulls thrown into the mix. Now the problem is that inevitably if I go back to entirely redo legs at this point its going to take ages to get right...

    Any comments or advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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  16. kinonato is offline
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    an update to where i'm going. need alittle help on the logo, to place it :P

    David79: ur update catches my attention, good job!!!!
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  17. Amethyst is offline
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    :thumb: kinonato: I think the logo (sword) could look good on that round plate of the headgear and you could make it just barely visible. The logo is important, but it should not stand out and kill the rest of the 2 cents. Ops... I just notice both your characters have the logo on their faces. Perhaps just lighten it. Looking forward to see the final. GOOD LUCK!:thumb:
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  18. A.V. is offline
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    Quick update.

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  19. Wikz is offline
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    Here is my shadow character/mount.
    Name:  WIPShadow.jpg
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  20. walrus is offline
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    Neat looking mount!

    Here's my progress, with changes made on the last handfuls of notes commented upon above (cropping, blur, fog, rim-light, etc.)

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