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Thread: Pre-DomWar V - Concept Art

  1. Mukhtar is offline
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    Walrus - Your work is great as usual. And I agree with Fred about it being too clean. I would suggest to add in some rubble, battle marks; such as burns, scratches, indents and whatever else that can happen between these two characters! I know the main focus is your chracters here but I think little details in the foreground and background would help create and liven up the scene. Like her flame spell, it would probably make marks around the area if she tried to use it on him before, or is this their first strike?
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  2. elisca is offline
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    I haven't posted my wips yet so I'm posting what I have right now. No background yet though but will post it with a bg sketch later.

    It's my techmage and shadow battling it out.

    thank you
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  3. Gintonio is offline
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    Hey guys. Awesome progress everyone :thumb: I just did some small changes in my image. There were certain parts that I didn't like but since there was a bit of time I updated them. Changed the face, waste armor and the knee pads for technomage and added a tattoo for the corrupted (should I leave the tattoo or is it just distracting the eye?). Keep up the awesome work everyone
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  4. walrus is offline
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    I like the tattoo, it works well! :thumb: The whole piece is looking very nice. My only suggestion would be to add more contrast between the skin and clothing color on both characters... but especially the Corrupted as his cloth is pretty much the same color as his skin.

    Elisca - Wow, you have a lot to do in a very short amount of time! It's looking nice. The upper left of the composition is really cramped and the lower right very empty... Can you rearrange and solve for that at all? Also, the bulb on the weapon in the lower left and some of the other rocket-ship shapes feel like they are not lit consistently with the rest of your piece. Figure out where you main light is - from the characters, I would have thought lower left front - and see if you can make that work with the mechanical shapes as well. Good luck!
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  5. kinonato is offline
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    hooray!!!!, even closer now.!!! gotta keep going
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  6. DV8
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    I have some ideas for colour, its going to be a busy few days

    nice continued work all- happy holidays.
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  7. Cam
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    Cool concepts everyone!
    Too bad I wasn't here to do this pre-DomWar, but I will definitely be there for the big one.

    Keep up the good work!
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  8. Alexjh is offline
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    Could anyone clarrify for me if the 11.59 deadline is AM or PM? If PM, I'll be able to enter as I'm away as of tomorrow morning until wednesday evening, and if pm I still should have six plus hours to work should I decide to, otherwise I'll just have to finish it as a casual piece.

    The shadow may or may not turn into a technomage, he could go either way and needs a lot of work regardless. Things are slowly coming together though... As always all advice would be welcome.
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  9. android009 is offline
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    Here's my update Everyone's work is looking fantastic!

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  10. Wikz is offline
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    Here is my progress with my final concept.
    Name:  ConceptWIP.jpg
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  11. cakeypigdog is offline
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  12. balasa is offline
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    more WIPs. got a little more done this time. still a way bit to go
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  13. marat-ars is offline
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    Hi all. Excellent work guys. News about Fred's a bit demotivated me, very sad that this happened. I think that the main DW will be a great success. I want to express a big bow to Fred for what he did for us. This is a huge and crazy work. Respect to you man of steel.


    At this time I was able to bring to the finals of the mini DW. Im happy But it was the most strange competition for me, especially the last two weeks. I have seven times the reworked concept of character in the final version, and could not be satisfied with the result. Very strange for me. But now I've decided to stop. And I have a few hours to finish it. GA - go go go!
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  14. Gintonio is offline
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    Walrus - thanks for your comment, I did increase the contrast between clothing and skin I think I wont have a chance to fix anything else, so it may be my final image. Would be nice if someone could confirm the exact deadline for the upload.

    P.S. I wish all the luck for Fred. He worked hard so we can learn from the greatest talents of the industry and from each other in such event as DW. And I hope this contest will come back next year :thumb:
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  15. artbyahm is offline
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    Hi All

    Awesome comming back to look at all the progress!

    So hard to find time for this, but finally got a little and began again. As I though it was going ok,
    i got some feedback, and "had" to change the pose of the lady. I have some suggestions, and if anyone would comment shortly/pick one, i would greatly appreciate it, im kinda stuck

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  16. Mukhtar is offline
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    artbyahm - Very NICE!! I really like it. If youre stuck with the females pose, perhaps playing around with the position of her leg(s). I'f shes lunging upwards her right leg should be more tilted towards the body. But I think It'll look great if you let her right leg rest on the Big Guy's chest, as if shes just landing on him! Ahhh so many things I can suggest because your painting is making my imagination go wild! lol ... You dont mind if I sketch out on your WIP pose thumbnails?? I have an urge...

    EDIT: Like thisss...was too fun and went a bit overboard hah! sorry.

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  17. Wreckonning is offline
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    To Fred im sorry that all this went down. Everyone makes mistakes and you owned up to it. Regardless I still want to thank you for all the years you have invested to our community.


    Everyone is progressing nicely.
    Wikz - I like the way your piece is turning out. Cool idea to have the other character as the mount.
    marat-ars - Im sorry to hear your struggles on your characters, I was looking forward to seeing your progression. Get out of that rut buddy and finish. Go gogogo!
    artbyahm - Beatifully soft piece. I actually like some of Mukhtars ideas also.
    DV8 - cant wait to see your colors.
    Gintonio - Good progress, way to take all the feedback and adjust your piece.
    cakeypigdog - Love the shiny rendering on your characters.
    android009 - i like the explosion. It does give a rest to all the blues. Maybe you can have the characters be sorta be rim lit from the explosion.
    kinonato - Your male character has a reflection. But your female needs a reflection too.
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  18. David79 is offline
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    Mukhtar the segond the girl with her leg on the shoulder moar epic
    kinonato: darken the background to pop moar the charas!

    up a little bite!
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  19. android009 is offline
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    @Wreckonning : yah was totally going to do that tonight, right before I turn it in.. I'm so super busy with work and freelance work and trying to get this done in time XD sleep is for the week...
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  20. Mukhtar is offline
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    David79 - I did those two for artbyahm! not my concept! just helping him out
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