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Thread: Daily Sculpting Exercises - JOIN IN :)

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    Daily Sculpting Exercises - JOIN IN :)

    For anyone looking to improve their digital sculpting, me and a few forum buddies are starting up an unofficial daily 1 hour sculpting excercise in which I invite anyone to have a go and continue with us, the more the merrier. Many of us are really busy and just don’t have the time to enter the mini challenges that run for weeks, but an hour here and there in sculpting something awesome sounds like alot of fun. Could also be good exercise for the up and coming Dominance War.

    We will have a general theme available every 3-4 days and its up to you to squeeze an hour of sculpting into that time. You can do as many as you want in those 3 days but the theme stays the same to help those of us with a busy lifestyle. Hopefully a lunchbreak for most. Try and enter as many themes as you can without the need for divorcing your partner or adoption for your kiddy winks.

    The main thing is to improve and speed up your productivity and efficiency with your sculpting app of choice. It should also help people with concepting, free thinking and idea development. All levels of artist are encouraged to have a go. Im hoping it will prove a good excercise and we get a good turnout. Depending on how popular this is, is how long we keep it going for, so the more interest we have the better If it goes balls up then sorry haha

    This is not a competition though!!!! Its a labour of fun and self improvement and as such all the rules are just guides to help you out and get something of a structure in place.


    -Post all your shots in this thread, no need for loads of threads and it means we can all help each other and give out crits for consideration on your next piece or if you wanna return to it.

    -Use any sculpting app of your choice

    -You get an hour, (recommended but if you are feeling it and run over then awesome)

    -Themes will be in place, try to stick to the dates. But again, if you missed something you liked then do it

    -Extra brownie points if you record and link to the timelapse video (tutorials below) It is great seeing your process in action, so it will definetly help and seeing others will give you ideas on workflow and sculpting techniques. Youtube is good for uploading vids and Vimeos even better due to the quality. Just put a link with your screenshot as embedded videos don’t work in the WIP section.......fredh pleasssssee allow it

    -Zbrush users I wanna see everything created in Zbrush for more brownie points, no basemeshes, if you wanna use a basemesh then just make it simple though so its quick and we can get on with sculpting. Zspheres and Zsketch are really all you need though as this is a sculpting challenge and not a modelling one. I put some super duper quick tutorials at the bottom for these.

    -Polypaint is permitted and greatly encouraged

    -Screenshots, we want no rendering or Post processing except maybe sharpen and contrast/brightness in photoshop etc. To fight rubbish Anti Aliasing you can double your screen res in the document settings(Zbrush) for a smoother snap. Im not gonna stab you if you render but it hides alot of the sculpting which we all wanna see.

    -Concentrate on just making a bust (head and shoulders) if you go further or wanna study hands for example then do it

    -Most importantly though, have fun

    Themes (If you run over or like an older theme then do it)

    Any suggestions or pure outright hatred for a theme, then let me know and we can change it trying to make the themes so we aren’t just making generic boring stuff all the time, and if it is a generic topic then its upto you to take it in another direction thats interesting and thought provoking, try working outside the box Thought we could just go freestyle but a theme will keep us all together and again a bit of structure to the madness

    *new* so we have more structure we are gonna run it with only 2 subjects every week, subject 1 will run from monday to wednesday and subject 2 thursday to sunday. Just means people can get involved more with hectic lifestyles and subjects dont lose out due to falling over weekends


    week 1
    18th-20th Rotting Zombies/mutants [Completed]
    21st-23rd Epic Moustache/Beard [completed]
    week 2
    24th – 26th MOST BADASS CHARACTER EVER [Completed]
    27th – 30th Femme Fatale [Completed]


    week 1
    31st – 2nd Sea Monster/creature [Completed]
    3rd – 6th Orcs and Ogres [Completed]
    week 2
    7th – 9th Cowboys and indians [Completed]
    10th – 13th Bug Creature [Completed]
    week 3
    14th - 16th *new* Fatties [Completed]
    17th – 20th Alien monster/creature [Completed]
    week 4
    21st – 23rd Demon from HELLLLLLLL!! [Completed]
    24th – 27th Video game character of your choice


    week 1
    28th - 2nd Torsos (naked or covered)
    3rd - 6th Stylised Detectives
    week 2
    7th - 13th Freestyle Week (whatever you want)

    NEW TOPIC - Dominance war, read the brief from 2009 and sculpt your life away

    Note; Im thinking as an added incentive, the coolest most awesomist sculpt for each theme may be plugged above by the themes, so make it a gooden


    Recording in zbrush
    1. open Zbrush, go to movie>Timelapse
    2. sculpt like crazy
    3. Finalise your sculpt (to get a 360 turnaround at the end of your video hit movie>turntable)(remember to set the spin frames in movie>modifiers>Spinframes)
    4. Then hit Movie>Pause, export>movie.
    Pixologic - recording in zbrush tutorial thanks for the link Shadownami92

    more in depth tutorial from pointpusher at LunchCruch, and one about uploading and video recording software.

    Zsphere basemeshes Zsphere from the tool menu
    2. go into edit mode ‘t’
    3. with draw enabled you can draw on Zspheres and then use the move/scale/rotate gizmos to position the Zspheres. Alt + click will delete the current Zsphere aswell. Remember symmetry ‘x’ will help alot aswell. Hit ‘A’ now and then to preview your mesh and polyframe to check the polydistribution.
    4. When happy you can either enter Zsketch to add more shape or hit tools>adaptive skin>Make Adaptive Skin to create a tool off of your current Zspheres. You can play with some settings in here to get a better shape. The final basemesh Will show up in your tools
    Zsketching like a mother
    1.Use a Zsphere or make your desired structure made from zspheres, then go to tool>Zsketch>edit Zsketch
    2. Draw on your Zspheres until you are happy. You can smooth it out and use the usual move/scale/rotate gizmos and also hitting ‘A’ now and then to view a preview of your mesh. Make sure to check your polyframe aswell to check you are getting a nice resolution.
    3. When happy, go to Tool>Unified Skin>Make Unified Skin to create your basemesh
    4. This now appears in your tools so select it and start sculpting
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    Ninja Edit, So didnt want to clog up the first post, Heres the highlights for the themes so far (In no particular order) hope you enjoy


    ZOMBIES 18th - 20th January

    by g2000

    by Crazyfool

    by Dchung

    by Mclean

    by Darkfox

    by mmt
    Epic Moustache/Beard 21st-23rd January

    by EiGHT

    by g2000

    by Mclean

    by Crazyfool

    by Duncan Fraser
    Badass 24th-26th January

    by Dchung

    by g2000

    by Crazyfool

    by Mask_Salesman
    Femme Fatale (hot lady) 28th-30th January

    by Placidus

    by Duncan Fraser

    by Dan!

    by Crazyfool

    by Mclean

    by Mask_Salesman
    Sea Creatures 31st Jan - 2nd Feb

    by Grubber

    by Maph

    by Crazyfool

    by BluDragon

    by Daphzart
    Orcs and Ogres 3rd - 6th Feb

    by Papagersi

    by Slebbo

    by Crazyfool

    by Eight

    by Daphzart

    By 3mm
    Cowboys and Indians 7th - 9th Feb

    by Disanski

    by Dan!

    by Slebbo

    by Crazyfool

    by Woogity

    by Placidus

    By Duncan Fraser
    Bugs 10th - 13th Feb

    by Jaco

    by Guedin

    by crazyfool

    by 3den
    Fatties 14th - 16th Feb

    by Jaco

    by Slebbo

    by crazyfool

    by Duncan Fraser

    by Maxter

    by 3Den
    Aliens 17th - 20th Feb

    by Unter

    by g2000

    by g2000

    by crazyfool

    by 3den
    Demons 21st - 23rd Feb

    by Afisher

    by Afisher

    by g2000

    by Unter

    by woogity

    by crazyfool

    by BlackSchmoll
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  3. BigJohn is offline
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    Oh man, you went all out with this one

    Yeah, let's do this. Should be fun.
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  4. Shendoo is offline
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    I like so much!
    Good idea!
    Let's goooo!!
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  5. Yung is offline
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    This calls for a sculpting mini stars! I am gonna join in and sneak in a few sculpts myself!
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  6. gam-er is offline
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    Ill sure be doing these
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  7. Dan! is offline
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    Pull your socks up lads!
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  8. daphzart is offline
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    I'm in! can't promise to do one every day but... I will try!
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  9. dustinbrown is offline
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    Awesome man! Danny Williams started a blog not long ago called Lunch Crunch. Similar idea, 1 hour speed sculpts and such.

    Glad to see stuff like this popping up!
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  10. Duncan Fraser is offline
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    Good one crazy :thumb:. Sounds like heaps of fun... count me in.
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  11. yoyomon is offline
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    Interesting, I'm in.
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  12. makecg is offline
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    Cool I have time so I'll do something
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  13. Pshyco is offline
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    Good initiative. With this and with the 'daily sketches' I think this forum will be full of win. :lol:
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  14. Mrpearlzildjian is offline
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    Don't know how much polypainting will get done in an hour if you want to polish the sculpts a little before time runs out, but I'll give this a shot. Should prove quite the challenge considering I'm limited to a mouse(wacom isn't working )
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  15. Maph is offline
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    Awesome initiative crazyfool! I could totally do these once in a while. My sculpting's a bit rusty, I ought to pick that back up again.

    Edit: *shameless self plug* And for those that don't want to be bothered saving yer works, I made an autosaver for ZB 3.5 a while back Clicky It's a bit flaky sometimes, but I blame pixologic's lack of an SDK and their silly scripting language that only half works.
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  16. Shadownami92 is offline
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    This sounds like a lot of fun, I'm so in!
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  17. Lloth is offline
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    awesome idea! I'm gonna try to join these
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  18. Clu
    Clu is offline
    Posts: 2
    OK! every go!
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  19. crazyfool is offline
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    awesome turnout so far, I was worried it would only be 2 or 3 haha, I will believe it more when the art starts a coming later though haha

    Ive added links under the recording in zbrush to LunchCrunch's member Pointpushers vimeo videos about recording and uploading videos which give a great insight for those interested.

    The idea (well rip off), was from watching James Van Den Bogarts work on Zbrushcentral, and then I found out about thought we could have a go here as the forum would better serve us but means we can all maybe join lunchcrunch aswell once we are used to it all.

    You dont have to do one everyday, its only when you have a spare hour, hopefully every 3 days isnt asking too much of people but if you miss it then we got a super relaxed attitude here and just want you to have fun with it.

    Polypainting I would say is cool right at the end to just give a bit more life to your work, even if you are just working in a greyscale way so to emphasise the forms and design but its all up to you.

    Main thing is alot can get done in an hour and this forces you to nail forms and not be so worried about details until the very end and for those who use Zspheres and Zsketch will be amazed at what you can do in a very small amount of time. Im working on an ogre going on a date and everything is created through Zsketch and hes probably taken me about an hour and a half of relaxed sculpting lol.

    anyways, gonna try and get one done today
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  20. womball is offline
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    Sweet. You did go all out. I was thinking of starting this myself, like this type of enviroment better than working alone. Need to stop gaming so much though.
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