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Thread: Grass moving in 3D max

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    Grass moving in 3D max

    Hi .. I have a question for the experts out there.

    I am creating an animation in 3D max for a client, and the storyboard shows at one point some very tall grass moving apart as unseen enemies move through it. It basically needs to be paths in the grass slowly opening up. My question is, does anyone have a good idea for animating this?

    There is no poly limit for the assignment.

    Thank you very much if anyone has any ideas.
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    An animated bend modifier on clumps of grass
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    Hey there, I'm no expert at this, but I thought I'd post some ideas about techniques I used in class a few months ago to rig trees for an assignment I was working on in 3D Max 2011. As mentioned, the bend modifier would be a really good, easy-to-incorporate solution.

    However, for more specific deformations/movement on various points on an object at the same time (like tree branches in my case), bone chains can be used to control the movement of objects. I could also see this incorporated for detailed movement of grass planes/groups of grass planes, as someone moves through it or brushes it out of the way with their hands. Just an idea, hope it helps.
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    Well the Bend modifier idea is working OK.. I am keeping the blades of grass very very low poly - actually one poly per blade. Because I need 10,000 blades.

    I'm not sure if there is a better way of modelling lots of long grass.
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    Particle Flow would probably be a good method of generating loads of grass blades. You could probably introduce forces to push them aside with that.

    Or maybe something to do with volume select.
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    Actually last week cgtuts made a tutorial on that I hope it helps.

    Dynamic Grass Simulation In 3ds Max
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