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Thread: Comicon 2011 | 3D | afisher | Batman

  1. Efgenib is offline
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    looks great! like the scar, but would be kickass if one eye is also a bit "broken".

    Keep doing!
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  2. winXD is offline
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    looking great!....nice early sculpts too....I'll keep track of your work bro...very nice....keep it up...
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  3. ZawZaw is offline
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    very nice detail
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  4. afisher is offline
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    digitalinkmind, womball, Dill-n, SAI, Baj Singh, winXD, ZawZaw - Thanks everyone for the comments & feedback, I really appreciate it

    Efgenib: Thanks, I've tested that idea out in the closeup concept of the mask.

    I've decided I want to stay fairly true to the iconic look of Batman, just with a bit of sci-fi (M.E.) flavor. Here's a concept I started working on last night. I'll be changing a few things as I go, but this is the general idea. Let me know what you guys think. Cheers.

    Freelance Character Artist | CGHub
    Comicon 2014 - Thor
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  5. pins is offline
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    Loving it! Concept looks solid.
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  6. StefanM is offline
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    I love this character so far!

    Maybe instead of the cape you could go for a 'backpack' with retractable wings? The cape seems a bit out of place, though It could be an awesome contrast with all the hardsurface stuff.

    Anyway keep it up!
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  7. Yung is offline
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    Looking solid! I agree with StefanM about the cape. Maybe go with the batman beyond style?

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  8. Dill-n is offline
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    I kind of agree with the other guys about the cap. Everything else is really cool. I dig the use of different materials on the mask. Keep it up.
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  9. Saven is offline
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    Lookin solid, i like the fact tht his custome has a mix or hard n fabric, good one ,wht about his left eye?u have a plan
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  10. El Artwyne is offline
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    wow i love your design man that's totally awesome
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  11. Puppet is offline
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    man that looks promising, and I actualy like the long cape
    keep it up
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  12. OrganizedChaos is offline
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    Nice progress so far dude! I like where you're going with this. I've gotta agree with everyone else in that the cape is kind of killing the mass effect vibe- Maybe you could make it a bit more technical as well?
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  13. Steamtrooper is offline
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    Looks real nice, but with the direction the films have gone its hard to make Batman look any techier than he alread does. Id go a fair bit bulkier on the upper body and probably include that helmet ring type motif and big vertical shoulder pads that ME seems to use a fair bit - basically make it look like a Bat-Space suit. Maybe the cape could be more segmented extending metal sections, an auto bullet deflector that also doubles for limited flight control and a stealth field. I think the old game MDK had a nice feel to its cape.

    Its a great design but I think you can hit the Mass Effect look a little harder.
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  14. dellyp1690 is offline
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    Im loving it I do feel you should stray away from the traditional long cape. I know you can come up with something awesome. I would like to know how you got the eyes to look the way they do (if you don't mind sharing) they look really awesome.
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  15. Efgenib is offline
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    great concept mate, chest looks sweet. Wanna see that in 3d!
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  16. digitalinkmind is offline
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    Awesome style! Really dig the way you did the bodysuit.Looks like Batman was jumping into a ghost in the shell Gotam city:thumb:


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  17. talonhawk is offline
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    wow looks amazing man. I agree with the cape as well to change it leaning more towards batman beyond but add some of your own flavor to it
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  18. Gyorkland is offline
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    awesome batman man really cool design
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  19. afisher is offline
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    pins: Thanks mate
    StefanM: Cheers for the feedback
    Yung: Thanks for the reference
    Dill-n:Thanks yea I want to try to break up the materials a bit
    Saven:Just playing around with the idea that the scar has left that eye damaged, maybe even having some kind of "cyber" eye
    elartwyne17:Thanks buddy
    Puppet: THanks for the feedback
    OrganizedChaos: Thanks for the ideas.
    Steamtrooper: Yea I want to try to stay away from what's been done in the movies. I agree about pushing the ME feel a bit more and that's kinda what I'm planning for the cape.
    Efgenib:Cheers mate Love your killer croc btw
    Digitalinkmind: Thankyou buddy
    Talonhawk: Thanks bro
    Gyorkland: Cheers mate
    dellyp1690:Yea no worries - for the eyes I use ZappLink in Zbrush:
    • I just subdivide the eyes a few times so it can hold the details in the projection.
    • I generally also double my document size to get better resolution, then hit the AAhalf button.
    • Position your model for the best projection and make sure you've got the right subTool selected, then go Document>Zapplink properties>and store whatever view you need. Then press the "ZappLink" button under Document.Click Ok.
    • Photoshop should open. You should then find two layers (1 with ZShading (Locked) and 1 flat colour.)
    • From here paint the texture you want (I used a photo as a base then painted over). Merge any new layers down into the flat shaded layer and save the psd (don't change the name you want to overwrite the file).
    • Go back into Zbrush, a popup will appear, click re-enter Zbrush and then accept projection. Your texture will then be projected onto your subtool.
    • Then I fill the object with the ToyPlastic Mat cap to get nice white highlights.
    There might be a better way of doing it, but that's the way I do it. Hope that helps


    Thanks everyone for the feeback, it gave me some things to think about. I'm planning (but didn't show in my concept) to have the cape be broken up into sections with different materials to try to bring some of the design elements together.

    Once I've blocked it out in 3d, I can see whether or not it's working with the hard surface elements. Thanks again everyone
    Freelance Character Artist | CGHub
    Comicon 2014 - Thor
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  20. zanman is offline
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    Thanks for the awesome tip, I had no idea you could do that....I'm sure most guys on here already knew that.... Looking sweet.
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