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Thread: Dominance War III | Dash-X | Holy Assassin

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    Dominance War III | Dash-X | Holy Assassin

    Dominance War III | Dash-X | Holy Assassin

    Dash-X has entered the competition!
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    All right! My thread is up... I guess I'll start with the brief I wrote for myself. Here is the condensed version...

    Title: Holy Assassin.
    Race: Human
    Class: Stalker
    Element: Light/Holy

    One of many former assassins recruited by the Order of the Holy Assassin; endured ultra-harsh training and trials. Was the first to retrieve a compressed light fragment from the Realm of the Void, granting her the title of Holy Assassin. The few other survivors were trained to teach the next generation and/or act as backup. The Holy Assassin was given a relic as identification of her title as well as custody of a spectral wolf.

    Class/Element abilities (innate-ish):
    Defensive: Invisibility (by bending light), teleportation using light as a medium, illusion generation

    The Relic:
    The Holy Assassin was given a pair of gauntlets that once belonged to an angel of death (and coincidentally was also his weapon of choice). By bearing the gauntlets, the Holy Assassin serves as an avatar of that angel of death.

    Abilities of the Relic:
    Offensive: Emission of claws of light capable of cutting through anything (with the exception of the user); the ability to throw said claws like knives, lines (think steel strings), and/or waves (think similar to Guile’s sonic boom)
    Other: the ability utilize light to descry any location affected by light no matter how faint its source, or how far away

    The Pet:
    The pet of the angel of death is an armored, spectral wolf. It has the same Class/Element abilities of the Holy Assassin, but it can also switch tangibility states (as it is a spectral creature, you see…) (it usually only does this so that it can be scratched behind the ears…). The Holy Assassin uses the pet in a similar manner to how Joe Musashi used his dog in the old Genesis game “Shadow Dancer”. Its fur naturally emits light, making it a perfect partner for the Holy Assassin because it provides additional means to utilize her defensive skills. Because it is a spectral creature, it cannot be harmed by most conventional weaponry.

    The Holy Assassin as a Party Member:
    The Holy Assassin IS NOT A TANK! In a battle, she would serve as a spiker or as a means of controlling the battle perimeter; specializing in the quick elimination of soft targets. While the presence of her pet allows her to solo, she’s much more effective in a group, by far. In other words, “‘Sin LFG need tank, nuker, healer…”

    Effectiveness and Limitations:
    In theory, the only places the Holy Assassin’s powers wouldn’t work are the Realm of the Void and natural black holes (however, summoned black holes don’t seem to have this effect). She is incapable of interplanetary teleportation, but she can see what is happening on other planets.

    Okay… With that out of the way, I should start showing the concepts I’ve been working on since the posting of the brief.

    Considering that silhouette is important, I started with, well, silhouettes. I noticed that I was getting redundant, so I mixed and matched the ones I had.

    After value passes and color passes, I wound up with the above. I received some critique from my mentor (that I totally agreed with), and wound up taking out a lot of the shininess, reducing the shoulder pads and increasing the size of the bikini.

    No good. It still looked more like a paladin reject than a stalker. However, there were significant portions of the design that I really liked. I was getting sick of working on a tablet, so I broke out the old sketch book. Aside from some silliness, I did this.

    Still wasn’t wild about the shoulder pads. Decided to go back to thumbs. Kept what I liked, discarded what I didn’t. I did a few more variants just to keep tunnel vision at bay. Surprise, surprise, I actually found some shoulder protection that I liked. Also, came up with designs for the spectral wolf. I could use some opinions on the three armor variants (if anyone would be so kind…).

    Here, I tried to figure out the relic/gauntlets. Any reactions to the marking styles would be extremely helpful.

    This was a quick concept done so that I could have a somewhat-decent looking thumbnail. Screwed up the proportions, a bit, but meh, it was done quick.

    Next up on the list of things to do, figure out how those shoulder pads that I love so much work, and generate orthos… I guess…

    I sure hope I can finish this… I need a plan.

    For now, more concepting, I guess. The more I understand about the character, the better I may be able to pull it off… Maybe.
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    Wow, some one has put a lot of thought into this.:thumb:

    I really like the concept, I can tell you have put in a lot of time already and I'm sure it will pay off for you in the end.

    Best of luck.
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    Thanks very much, YdoUwant2know.

    Okay... Took some time this morning to figure out the shoulder pads.

    Nearest I can tell, it may work.

    I guess I should start generating orthos... I'm still not sure which wolf armor variant or gauntlet markings variant I wanna use... I guess I can go a bit longer without setting anything in stone, but any opinions or crits would be much appreciated.

    I still need a plan...
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    You've got a lot of great concepts here! I love the spectral wolf. Of the armor variants my pick is number three; though number one has a nice aerodynamic flow.
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  6. Brutus is offline
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    WOW, awesome conceptual work. I wouldnt sweat the armor texture details so much now. The personality will build in your head while you are modeling.

    I think i prefer armor set 2, though none of the wolf concepts match it perfectly.

    Great stuff...
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  7. Mattimusss is offline
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    i like how well thought out your design is. Very nice!
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    Sweet concept dude!

    I'm kinda digging the curved or the rectilinear markings. Either one of those look tight, I like them because you can acutally read whats going on, the other more ornate or combos have a little too much chaos going on.

    Diggin it man! Can't wait to see where this goes.
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  9. TryForce is offline
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    O M G

    nice one! liking your sketches.
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  10. Amethyst is offline
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    Fascinating story and concepts. WOW. The spectral wolf is a nice addition.
    No crits from me as you seem to know exactly what you want.... I love it, waiting for more...
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    Thanks, all.

    Sorry I haven't been able to update in a while... It seems that no matter what you do to try to prevent it, life will always get in the way...

    Got my orthos done this morning. I figure that I can probably save time on the head by using photo ref. Might even be able to get better results, too.

    As far as the wolf goes, I'm inclined to agree with Brutus. I'll have to play around with more armor variants, but I should be able to model the body from this...

    The blue lines are just so I have a vague idea of where I want my loops...

    Why are quadrupeds so much easier to model than humans?

    I guess it's modeling time!
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  12. Daemoria is offline
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    I'm looking foward to seeing more of this, the concepts look quite well thought out.
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  13. Marcus Dublin is offline
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    Wow, it's very encouraging to see this amount of thought and care put into a design, I love how each of the parts are different yet hold up well as a complete outfit. I guess from here on out it'll be a matter of sheer execution, I can't wait to see how this all comes together. Good luck Dash-X!
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  14. mwgrafx is offline
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    This one is turning out real nice. I like the overall feel to him. Lets see some polys! Your concepts have got my attention.
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  15. Kyoske is offline
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    great feel. the art work gives your character a very fast look. love it
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  16. Dash-X is offline
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    Thanks guys. Sorry about the lack of polys at the moment. I've been experiencing a bit of trial and error. Maybe once I'm far enough along, I'll show you exactly what I mean (I've had to restart three times already... They were ugly attempts, I tell you.).

    Just trying to not rush and do this correctly. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing correctly.
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  17. Marcus Dublin is offline
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    Not to worry Dash-X we'll be patiently waiting, I really love the work you've done thus far and look forward to your best effort.:thumb:
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  18. Dash-X is offline
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    Thanks, Marcus Dublin.

    Had a bit of difficulty starting this one. For the first couple of attempts, I tried starting with the head... Wasn't exactly the best idea.

    Then, I tried a method I saw on a tutorial. You start with an ultra-simple base mesh. Something like this here...

    Well, the guy on the tutorial made it look a lot easier than it actually was. Though, to be fair, the guy had a background in sculpture and cadaver study and all that good stuff. I don't. The Z-Brushing of that didn't go too well for me simply because I had no landmarks to work off of. More often than not, I was lost and confused as to what exactly I was looking at...

    The concepts you all have seen so far is a little less planning than what I usually do for a model. It's a bit slower, but I usually do something like this...

    For some reason, I like to approach character modeling like I'd approach assembling a model plane. I like to have my instructions right there, and only deviate from them when absolutely necessary... I learned something valuable. It's probably best to not mess with your own methods in-comp. I think someone else said roughly the same thing shortly before the comp started...

    I'm finally close to a base mesh I'm comfortable with. Just needs a face. . . The armor pieces and clothes should be pretty simple.

    I may wind up just drawing the face and modeling from it anyway... *Sigh* looks like my attempts to save a little time have been undone...

    Back to work with me.
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  19. ShadyD is offline
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    Hey that looks cool! Very awesome indeed!
    Kinda reminds me of my own concept lol.. Cept for mine is male.
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  20. Dash-X is offline
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    Whoa. You're right. It is kinda similar... Almost a polar opposite. Creepy...
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