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Thread: Mini Challenge #11 - Mini Racers - 3D

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    oh look, a big wheel

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    make it more thug, ian.
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  3. blankslatejoe is offline
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    just kidding--im looking forward to seeing where you take the shambler idea--thats an awesome concept.
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  4. bb0x is offline
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    Im thinking about Reno from FF of the Turks on a Yamaha R1

    I think ill use these proportions:
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    after generating the normal and the AO maps i chibified the char a little more and did some work on the diffuse and this is how it looks right now. still have some tweak to do on it and then i'll move to the spec, i've also gotta work on the texture for the bike. the character has 649 tris and the bike has 848, in total everything's 1497 triangles.
    -Thatdon, i agree about the gloves, so i decided to leave like that to make him less serious . thanks a lot!
    -jhaphir, thanks for the suggestion, i just didnt chbify him a lot more because the head has to fit in between the shoulder pads and the legs has some huge armor in the real character, so i didnt make them smaller.

    nice work so far everyone, keep it up!

    By dmightyone at 2008-04-28

    By dmightyone at 2008-04-28
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  6. MasteroftheFork is offline
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    Here's Jim's kart.

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  7. YdoUwant2know is offline
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    Damn... so many great entries so far. I hope to be able to join, however, my computer is busy with a 700 hour render.... yeah.... My brother owes me for this one...
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    ahah Hito, GOODJOB!
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  9. Raheel is offline
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    thanks StormTrooper, i like how your eldar is coming out.
    Vincent, yeah i think that detailing might not have be the best choice now. i am going somewhere in between instead to get better shapes. your Spawn and Blanks both look superb
    Yay Asterix characters! good job.
    here is some slow progress from me.
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  10. davidcruz1718 is offline
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    Sry for the lack of updates from me but I had to unwrap & texture nine models over the weekend...


    Loving it, great useage of the tris I think you can take it even a bit lower maybe around the chair, just a suggestion.

    Grooovey!!! I like that entry a lot, lots of character!

    Nice job man normal map came out really nice.

    Holy crap man that is coming out really good.

    I was going to mention how you could save on some more tris but your probably already texturing. Maybe next time !

    Love that batmobile though .

    I don't know this character but your doing a good job on those textures, those flames aren't bad either plus it's a good idea .

    Nice flow on both the character & Kart, I can't wait to see your texturing.

    LOL, that's coming out awesome... did you steal mario's Kart (Joking).

    That looks like a funny idea hope those guys can run pretty fast hmm here's an idea rocket skates?!

    That raziel is looking good what is he gona be riding in?! I think I missed that post!

    Everyone else is doing an awesome job but I could only critic so many .

    I can't wait to finally get started on mine again, speaking of which I'll try and get an update in before bed.
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  11. Brenden Frank is offline
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    Ah damn, I was working on jim and then someone else posted the same one. Hope it doesn't matter that there's duplicates.
    Attached Images  
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    jim! jim! jim! jim!
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  13. stormrunner is offline
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    sinz - thanks a lot:thumb:

    Japhir, Styx, dmightyone, MasteroftheFork, Raheel, Brenden Frank, Faulkin :thumb: all looking good and yeah this is the lazy way, but there's just too many good entries.

    Sectaurs - cool go Green Machines:thumb:

    ok so i took a little break from texturing and made a quick and dirty little idle gif, yeah i could refine it but hey maybe later:lol:

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  14. Fleafa is offline
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    Both EW Jims are looking great, so much character!

    Started work on this guy yesterday. He's a little heavy on the polycount, as I haven't done anything this low-poly before and haven't yet optimised much.

    First post!
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  15. Hellmouth is offline
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    Dmightyone, I'd reduce the saturation of that texture a bit, especially the gold lining of the armor and his fur boots. They're a bit blonde right now...
    Good stuff here everyone, too bad I couldn't enter :P
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  16. C Wong is offline
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    Wow, things are looking busy here. Great entries.
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  17. Vincent is offline
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    Wow, things are getting better and better in here ! :thumb:
    Here's my blanka, maybe i won't have finished him in time... Wanted to finish him this evening but I think it'll be over somthing like tomorrow morning, after I'll start with the kart! Changed the chest hair, because i thought it looked horrible... Do you think it looks better now ? Since I plan to finish this guy tomorrow, every crits are more than welcome !
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  18. sanhueza is offline
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    SF2 Ryu Kart


    Vincent - that looks awesome! I think the chest-hair is much better now. I would suggest making the hair on his head much bigger. Enlarging the colored part of his eyeballs, and moving them over just slightly towards their respective centers would help convey the idea that he is cross-eyed. Right now, at first glance, it just looks like he has white eyes.
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  19. Vincent is offline
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    Quote Originally Posted by sanhueza View Post

    This looks very promising, I love the way your mini racer looks! Hurry up and show us all what it looks like !!
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    AW SNAP! just got back from vacation on sunday!! busted this guy out last nite!! Can you guess who Beeches!!!?! Whoopty Woop!!

    Hes gonna be riding on a lil yellow Vespa. Big ups to Prischool for the Idea !
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