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Thread: Special Mini - Aftermath!

  1. Vertizen is offline
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    Location: 3rd Dimension
    Posts: 250
    Here the final version of my entry. Good luck to everyone else lots of awesome work here .
    Attached Images    
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  2. sun_smasher is offline
    Location: Chicago
    Posts: 52
    Good jobs everyone.

    @Suki - I like the colors of your final piece.

    - I would probably stick it in concept since it's 2.5D, and not fully 3d.

    - I like the armor on your boar, and his double eyes.
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  3. Z3D
    Z3D is offline
    Location: Belo Horizonte
    Posts: 11
    turbo yeah man! Thanks sou much!

    Ok guys is OVERTIME!

    finished this big screen and found time for some chairs

    Now I'm killing the lights in Unity ,forward will be the final shots!

    pick your popcorn to watch:lol:
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  4. pratikah is offline
    Location: Chicago
    Posts: 44
    workin super hard to get mine done in time, seeing some sweet entries out there!

    Vertizen: Looks real nice man, i look the pose and feel of the injured shot.

    sunsmasher: yours turned out really nicely, good work.

    peet: i like how yours looks, but i'm not sure what category it is. My guess would be concept, as i couldn't call it full 3d.

    Z3d. Looking pretty cool, im looking forward to seeing it all put together into one piece
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  5. coldstrokes is offline
    Location: Seoul
    Posts: 79
    many entry is coming! I'm waiting final entry page's opening!

    @Z3D Good sense of your pop-corn I'll waiting your final assembled shot!!

    @Vertizen Good motive! I love monster-Boar-Creature! awesome detail. good job!

    @PEET? Hey. your work is interesting always. keep your style!

    @BG-General Congratulation your final! good job:thumb:

    @Edie Leonhart I'll waiting final entry pages opening:thumb:

    @turbo Cool texture works! His mechanic-Arm is good! I remember space marine from
    "Alien vs Predator (Capcom's Arcade ver.)"

    @Suki I love your Character. she is really cool.

    @sun_smasher Good job, Dude. good lighting and texture. it's as good as real Game scene:thumb:
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  6. Z3D
    Z3D is offline
    Location: Belo Horizonte
    Posts: 11

    Just say , I'm very happy with results , thanks very much everyone!

    That's what I have -

    Final Entry

    Unity Web Player (I really wanna feedback )

    Again thanks everyone and good luck!
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  7. Vertizen is offline
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    Location: 3rd Dimension
    Posts: 250
    Thanks coldstrokes, pratikah, sunsmasher :thumb: .

    Z3d: Good job grats on finishing.

    Peet: That's really hilarious .

    BG General: I like the glowing effect and character design.

    Good luck to everyone else who is still finishing up.
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  8. ghettotron is offline
    Location: Chicago, IL - USA (willing to relocate or work remote)
    Posts: 9
    Trying to get my toxic amphibian sculpt in. Sorry if I don't make it on time. Joined late on this one.
    Even if I don't, I'd still like to comment on some if I don't get to all:

    @coldstrokes awesome idea and supberb concept art skills!

    @sun_smasher beautiful final collapsed church piece! the flower is a nice touch. narrative scene! love it!

    @vertizen good job getting your second piece with the armored boar!

    @edie leonhart eerie & spooky sci-fi disease control station.

    @pratikah can't wait to see your damaged armored chick girl thrown to the ground with her last attempts with her sniper rifle.

    @peet sweet cartoony style and painting. although it has a touch of all three, I think it definitely fits mainly into the concept category in 2d (2.5d). if you were to rotate it around 360 in 3d space, it wouldn't have true 3d depth dimensions with mostly flat planes. although...the plane mesh idea is pretty efficient and slick with the parallax effect. nice job!

    @bg-general very detailed armor on female warrior!

    @imajus love the apocalyptic looking old house.

    @detto hot grunge dude ready to put himself out with the fire extinguisher!

    @joymepls nice armor shapes and detail on the trooper with no arms!

    @fredmarquez nice borderlands inspired gas station!

    @suki apocalpytic injured female looks like she's been through alot! nice attention to detail!

    @z3d interesting movie theatre destruction piece. nice touch of allowing us to check out piece real-time in unity3d web player.

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  9. turbo is offline
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    Location: Dallas, Tx
    Posts: 366
    whew! finally submitted and only and hour and a half late!

    good job everyone I cant wait to see all of the finished pieces.

    heres my final image.
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  10. PEET? is offline
    Location: Irvine
    Posts: 6
    Great work everyone! Congrats to those who finished! :thumb:
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  11. Edie Leonhart is offline
    Location: Rio de Janeiro
    Posts: 85
    Thx guys and congrats everyone for finished this contest.
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  12. Imajus is offline
    Location: North Carolina
    Posts: 157
    Here's my beauty shot:

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  13. sun_smasher is offline
    Location: Chicago
    Posts: 52
    I'm going to wait a bit to vote to give some time to the stragglers, but when I do want to vote where do we do that at?

    also, @Imajus I like the final product. The colors are very setting.
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  14. Frostburn is offline
    Location: Canberra
    Posts: 31
    Edie Leonhart: Wow! That's a very impressive beauty shot! The blues and reds complement each other very nicely. I did notice something though: the shadoew look a bit jagged in places. Try using a mental ray area spot light for your next beauty shot, you can achieve some very clever shadow effects with those.

    Panthus: Looking very good! The the points where the edges of the socks and pants stop and the skin begins looks like a texture job in some places though. I think devoting a few more polygons to that sort of thing to make the pants and the body look less like one object would really help the realism. Also, I keep thinking that there should be a wound on his right leg where the hole in his pants are...

    Joymepls: The detail on the marine's torso and wrists is cool, I haven't seen that before. Still, I think he could use a something more to make him stand out from other space marine models.

    Imajus: Looks really good! You captured the scene at a really good angle too. I might have broken up the house itself a bit more, exposed the framework in the roof... It also looks like it could use a vertical support beam under the corner of the roof closest to the camera. Otherwise, very well done!

    Detto: looking very good! A thought -- I think his hair could use some work. It looks too squared off, too neat. Hair rarely grows to that length while holding that kind of symmetry, and it definitely doesn't fit with all the damage his clothes have taken. I really like the burning effects on him, I haven't seen enough fire implemented in this challenge!

    coldstrokes: Brilliant work! You stayed true to the idea from start to finish, and that change in background is exactly what the piece needed to round it off perfectly! I honestly can't think of anything else that could be done to improve it!

    sun_smasher: Lol, thanks for waiting for me! I understand the setup with the flower now, thanks for explaining it.

    Vertizen, Suki: Very cool! I don't think I saw too many posts or updates from you guys before... would have been nice to see your work progression. Still, either of those entries could win this competition!

    BG-General: No problem. She looks spectacular! The backlighting is a nice touch too.

    PEET?: 2.5D huh? Looks like a sure method to bring the concept straight into the scene!

    Z3D: Hmmm. Not bad! Could probably have used a bit more framework around the doors, they're sorta just... there! You know?

    turbo: That is awesome! "Watch out, he's armed!" lol Very dynamic pose!

    Ok, so it took me a while to finally get everything uploaded (first submission to a contest and every interruption under the sun this afternoon) but it's here! This contest was a lot of fun!

    Beauty shot

    Click here for the rest of my entry. (Or here if that link didn't work...?)

    Good luck everyone! Hope you all got as much out of this as I did!
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  15. pratikah is offline
    Location: Chicago
    Posts: 44
    good work everyone, finally got mine finished. had to rush a bit due to poor time management, but it's at a point i like, so here we go.

    My final is over here:
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  16. FredH is offline Administrator
    Location: Montreal, Canada
    Posts: 4,035
    Congrats to everyone who finished. Some really cool things were shown here:thumb:
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  17. ghettotron is offline
    Location: Chicago, IL - USA (willing to relocate or work remote)
    Posts: 9
    @pratikah OMG! That's one HOT Aftermath....literally! Worth the wait. Love your stylized painterly textures! The armor textures have a cool look! Good job!

    Props:thumb: to the artists that started from concept to reality and the hardwork that came with it. Congrats on all the completions! Great job everyone!
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  18. Dill-n is offline
    Location: Orlando, FL
    Posts: 315
    Here's what I submitted. Kind of wish I had more time and energy to work on it this past month; probably going to finish a low rez and texture later on. Excellent work everyone!

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  19. joymepls is offline
    Location: Moscow
    Posts: 69
    hello everyone and GJ for those who completed the mission. This is my current progress. I think i need two more days to finish it.
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  20. mrbobo is offline
    Location: Skövde
    Posts: 84
    GJ guys!

    Late finish for me. Didn't turn out the way I had hoped and I lost interest in it, but finished it off at least.

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