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    JAVA APLETTE: maybe make it so that, users can keep the chat window up and dock it on the sides.

    Docking: I love how it docks while i surf the forums up top and i can see the chat. But it doesnt work on all the forums. Maybe have it so it docks up top for all forums.

    Irc Style User list: side menu user list with mods in bold instead of the bottom of the page it makes it hard to see whos really in the chat at that time.
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    Actually, the chat was on top of the wip and comp forums for a day, but the server was dying because 5 forum pages and images had to be reloaded every 10 seconds for over 100 users. So I confined it to general discussions only. You can use the Chatbox Full feature located on the red nav bar to open a seperate larger window that is exclusively for chatting

    As for members who are listed as online chatting.. it's kind of a useless feature since all forum members can see and join in at any time. I should probably look for a way to remove the who's online from the chatbox area itself.

    Personally, I am gunning for private chat room areas so that members can choose to talk privately for a while, but I have to wait until after Unearthly challenge starts before this can be created
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    Sounds good Fred, rhyme and a reason for everything .
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    One concern I have is the actual content of the chat logs.

    I don't have an issue with profanity. I've got a bad case of potty mouth myself. However, I'm not necessarily so sure how I feel about it popping up in the chatbox. I can easily imagine how it might turn off some of the more sensitive members here.

    If the goal is to bring the lurkers out of the shadows then some compromises might have to be made. Maybe a naughty word filter or some chat moderation. Just an idea.
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