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Thread: Main Challenge #5 - Comicon Results

  1. FredH is offline Administrator
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    Arrow Main Challenge #5 - Comicon Results

    Big Congrats goes to everyone who entered the Comicon Challenge and especially to those who made it into the seriously hard top 10 placements! Since there were over 100 3d entries, for the first time on, the amount of finalists have been raised to 10. Each member of the top 10 Finalists, including concept artists, will receive this special icon to commemorate their achievement in the largest Main Challenge on
    To view the finals and judges' comments, go here:

    Special thanks goes to this event's honorary judges.
    3D Judges
    • Josh [Josh Singh] Singh - Senior Character Artist - 38 Studios
    • Ben [kongni] Ridgway - 3D graphics, game art, and concept development teacher – Detroit College forCreative Studies
    • Dan [draxxuss] Rickard - Art Manager - Animation Lead - REDJADE - (website currently being updated)
    • Andrew Baker - Lighting Director - Surreal Software [a division of Midway games]
    • Daniel Cabuco - Studio Art Director - Liquid Entertainment
    • Marcus [Marcus Dublin] Dublin - Freelance 3d artist -
    • Jon Rush - Senior Character Artist - EA Bioware Austin -
    • Creath [Artician] Carter - Environment Artist, Lord of the Rings Online, Turbine Entertainment -

    2D Judges
    • Jeff [JeffZugale] Zugale - Concept Artist - 7 Studios
    • David [-kube-] Kubalak - Art Director - Ensemble Studios/ Microsoft Games
    • Christopher Bonura – [cbonura] - Concept Designer -
    • Armando [Mando Magic] Durruthy - 3D Environment Artist at NetDevil, LTD. - 2D Contract Penciler & Inker at Marvel Comics
    • Nathan [nazeil] Brock - Senior Artist - Sony Online Entertainment -

    Once again, Great Work Everyone!

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  2. ThatDon is offline
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    Great work fred, thanks again for hosting such a awesome comp.
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  3. Aftermath is offline
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    Great contest, even thou i didnt finish i had a blast and learned a ton thanks Fred!
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  4. El Scorcho is offline
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    OMG!!!! I won something Totally thought I was going to get absolutely owned as per usual. Yaaaay!!!!! Thanks to everyone who made this contest possible. Brutikong's submissions are going in my inspiration folder

    Edit: Was so excited that I placed, that I forgot to congrat everyone who made to the finish line. Congrats everybody, making it to the finish is an achievement in it's self
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  5. nazeil is offline
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    This was an awesome comp! So much fun.

    Thank you Fred for hosting it, and congrats to all everyone that finished, and to those that placed.
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  6. IvikN is offline
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    Aghah!... Can i marry hellspawn? ktnx.

    3D entries are so hawt. I envy peeps who can modeling such awesum stuff.
    Oh yeah and concept art neat to. Especially two first. congratulation to all winnah! But next time all prizes will BE MINE!!!!1onetwothree (laughing evilly and disappears in the cloud of mysterious smoke)
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  7. Brutikong is offline
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    Second that, there were so many great entries, Congratulations everyone..

    Thanks Fred, for putting it all on.
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  8. Frozan is offline
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    grats to all who finished. great line up and damn thats a lot of finished work. proud of you all. hitting the finish line can be the hardest part. grats again to everyone!
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  9. JeremyK is offline
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    Wow, congrats to the winners and those who finished the comp! A lot of great entries like previously said. I hope I could participate in the next comp. (maybe not the Unearthly Challenge).
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  10. Parnell is offline
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    Awesome comp.
    I hope the next big comp is this hardcore. I must also thank the judges on an exceptional job. I can only imagine how frigging hard that must've been trying to get all the entries down to a top 5!
    Congrats to all those that finished!!
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  11. Uberific is offline
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    Nice, grats winners. A job well done and rewards well deserved!
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  12. Alexjh is offline
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    Wow, some beautiful entries there... I only wish I hadn't been on holiday the week before the deadline so I could have actually spent some more time on my stuff. But congratulations all!
    Comicon 2016 Entry - Squirrel Girl the Dullahan
    Comicon 2015 Entry - Power Girl x Phyla-Vell
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  13. DreameR is offline
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    well done to all who finished.

    that alone is a feat worth mentioning.

    the top was well deserved. Especially Paulo! I love that batman
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  14. DeSiGnBrEaKeR is offline
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    congratulation to all!!! and thanks fred for hosting this wonderful comp.
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  15. Marbi is offline
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    Congrats the winners and thanks for hosting this challenge Fred
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  16. Marc Wakefield is offline
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    Well done to everyone who finished as well as the well deserved winners.

    You Rock!
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  17. Inpw is offline
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    It's amazing how many great works are in this comp. Congrats for all authors!
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  18. Yozora is offline
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    Thanks for the great competition !

    tiny nitpick; on this page it says 1th, 2th and 3th
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  19. marco nelor is offline
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    Congrats everyone! it was great fun! (and a lotta work! whew!)

    some seriously kickass stuff! lots saved to my inspiration folder!
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  20. Josh Singh is offline
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    What a great comp! So many awesome entries. Huge Congrats to all who Finished!
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