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Thread: Ga mini challenge suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by rabidbaboy View Post
    Reverse Polarity - Portray villains/heros in their opposite alignment. Sephiroth as a good guy?
    That sounds like something fun, I'd give my vote to that idea. (It is nice to have a finished concept to modify instead of creating something from scratch, even though I like starting from scratch too!)

  2. Melrick is offline
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    how about doing a game version of a Sesame Street character, the Cookie Monster dressed up in Marios cloths

  3. FredH is offline Administrator
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    Was just talking about the cookie monster last night. We were debating if he would count as a classical horror monster for the 2d challenge

  4. Lando_Mange is offline
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    A fun one for both 3D and 2D might be something I'm gonna do with my artstudents some of these days.
    Drwaing Pokémons all animal like and realistic, but still recognisable It damn fun, and there's tons of 'em to choose from.

  5. FredH is offline Administrator
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    Lando, if you make the suggestion again in the voting thread that will double as a suggestions thread when the current 3d mini is over, I think many people will go for it. I didn't even read everything you said, but the mere mention of animals together with pokeman sounds epic!

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    Fred I'd even participate in that (even though I'm not good at modeling) if I got to do digimon instead of pokemon ;3

  7. FredH is offline Administrator
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    bah, sorry, must be pokemon

  8. Dill-n is offline
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    I'd be on board with that, pokemon would be pretty fun.

  9. katana is offline
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    Muppets as AD&D characters...

  10. Arkhange is offline
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    Alien race with some pet or vehicles ? Cause Pokemon have been already done in a previous comp'

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    Toony Robot Boxers...(Real Steel)

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    Slavic mythology gods, demons or creatures

    Little 3d environment (graveyard, swamp, ...)

  13. FredH is offline Administrator
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    This thread has been re-opened

  14. marc117 is offline
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    How about:

    -Gods or Very Powerful Figures from games involved in fantasy
    -bosses from fantasy games done in toon or realistic style
    -monster hunter styled charac or a monster from the series
    -redesigning of characters from PS1 games (but which didnt have sequels that came after and remained only on ps1)
    -chariot racer with different beasts other than horses
    -warrior of a particular kind, (parth finder, giantslayer, bandit etc)
    -Disney characters prepared for Battle
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  15. marc117 is offline
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    also maybe:

    - fantasy Siege Weapons
    - Assassins Creed styled assassins (like in multiplayer, spanning all eras and a variety of tools for assasination)

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    - Quake 3 style character, diffuse only.

    - Alien MMA Fighter

    - Adventurer in hazardous environment on another planet

    - Everyday practical objects (dishwashers, coffemachines, snackvendor, billboard screen etc) turned into a robot for enhanced functionality. Example, wandering recycle station.

    - Make a character based on an abstract image. Same image for all participants. Lots of room for interpretation.

    - Design a Lovecraftian monster.

    - Shape language. Character design must have certain given primitive shapes integrated somehow. Example; must contain one short and one long cylinder and a sphere.

    - Make a space pilot.

    - Design a character based on your self. Could have a theme like fantasy or just being based on reality but maybe in style of choice.

    - Create a new muppet, or make a human version of an existing one.
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    I'd like to see another creature mash up, or maybe something different where you have a sound bit and we have to design a creature based on the way it sounds to you and a brief description.


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    A new mini will be announced early next week.
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    and maybe as an idea for some other one, appliances, machines or other vehicles made into steampunk, futuristic, or retro futuristic way

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    The time is nigh! Challenge, show yourself. ETA Drax?

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