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Thread: Comicon 2014 | 3D | DavidCruz1718 | Helspont | Stand

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    Comicon 2014 | 3D | DavidCruz1718 | Helspont | Stand


    The return of HELSPONT, armed with the ultimate plan he masses all his minions and loyal subjects, this being the daemonites and all the rules of the world who beloved money and power over anything else, they planned a trap for Mr.majestic a.k.a Superman Helspont would not fail this time he figured out what everyone was able to do and what they were capable of as well as their weaknesses so with the help of this knowledge he used it to create the ultimate plan.

    Which was to possess superman, he battled superman and at this same time he and his rulers of the world launched a nuclear strike that he had wanted to use for some time to eradicate humanity and weakened superman's resolve, with this superman couldn't fight both Helspont and the nukes let alone the rules of the world who took it upon themselves to start slaughtering every human they saw by beheading them as for-told in the bible, the book in which they believed would have happen in the coming days of their savior, but this was just a half truth they would be saved from the wrath of Helspont but not from a hero in white but a villain in black and be freed from their imprisoned "life".

    Helspont knew of superman's weakness and with that created a chemical based kryptonite liquid which he injected into superman as they fought, superman fell to the ground and weakened with only his laser vision tried to eliminate Helspont though it only slightly damaged his armor, Helspont then began to chant his possession spell, telling superman "These would be the last days you see of victory, you shall fall on this day." and with that faint and weak superman falls into a coma and Helspont can posses the all powerful superman, laughing maniacally as he possess the greatest strength known to any being of the universe, Helspont claims victory of the galaxy and now wears the very same cape of super man torn and battered over himself and on his armor showing his superiority over any who dare challenge him.

    His victory was long awaited and he now knows that he is the one true ruler of the galaxy, the one who has defeated the unbeatable superman.

    Snipped from wiki:
    it's (synthetic) body is a mix of flesh, metal and fire.
    I know my brief story has holes but i am not here to write a comic book, even though i probably could with this story.
    Also if that wasn't enough I got a few surprises up my sleeve, muahhahaha.

    Basically the idea is to keep the head and do my best to change everything else.

    Edit update.

    He basically can fight superman.


    TURN TABLE - Play HD:

    Weird putting it to HD then when it hits the 12 mark works for me idk about anyone else but I made it spin twice because of that "bug".

    Uploaded the true 720p turntable here
    118 MB/Quick download not sure if true 720p -
    still need help want lossless.I know juffy idk how though..

    NEW TURN TABLE update

    Full stuffs:

    Thank you everyone that has pushed my buns of steel to complete this without you i wouldn't have in all honesty this one beat me down, sorry i couldn't make a super pretty image and all that other stuff you guys did, i'll still work on this one.

    Did the best i could with my shitty setup, no spyder elite or ips or whatever so this is the result if it's ugly sorry.

    Also thought those who care might want to know:

    Creative eh?

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    Comicon Entry!
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    This stuff:
    Name:  moody_y_did_i_pick_this_lol.jpg
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Size:  131.8 KB
    Might make another one of these but this is pretty much the direction.
    Might go Darksiders toonish on this or realism, haven't decided yet.
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    A very interesting choice! expecting progress soon
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    Name:  WIP.jpg
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    Finally finished re-installing everything... last nite and today's progression.

    Me just being a dumbass it is not epic i am still working out the kinks and ideas, might even have to redo everything but this was a good workout i guess.

    It is hard to come up with a armor design, much respect to those that can do it, sheesh.

    I think i might have his final colors though, also that head is nothing but place holder, as everything else in the image at this point is, lol wipidity-do,da, wippity-ayyee.

    Let me know or even give some suggestions for a reference if you like, thanks for stopping by anyway.

    Thanks a lot Amr3d for commenting every little bit helps and hope this is something worth while as we are still in the beginning stages after all.

    Yes i am being silly with this concept / post above, i know the bubble is off his mouth area.
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    My scribble should be a valid post as this is a test sculpt as well, i need a base body to workout the details in the armor designing processes.
    I made this pimped out ui for this competition i think it is sexy, plus this is my first one so, .

    Also just fyi, i am working with what i got at the above link.
    So those sphere orbs are located here.

    Back to Twerking it!

    Also will write up a nice little story/theme thingy or something for the top when i feel more comfortable with everything.
    Just updating ui image and wippity sketch/sculpt, got to work tomorrow


    Save start up document, ctrl+shift+i, alt+cntl+shift+i, if nothing else or all else fails just load your saved u.i. to be safe.

    In-case no one knows (even though i doubt it) when you make a u.i. like mine and keep it, all you have to do is keep a polymesh 3d or the original tool/mesh in your new document, save your new meshes and delete the old content.

    I'd like a fancy color selection bar if anyone has one, also i'm new to this so please add instructions if you can.
    I also sorted out the bottom and put all the rgb/color stuff together and removed the option of lazy brush and just hit L for it.
    Just using right click for whatever you don't see, move/rotate/polyf/ect.ect.

    Yes the extract works like that too i think it's a new step in there u.i. development maybe they should get the tip, i see i could do it to the divide now, hmm, always customizing eh lol, and yea that's normal map color in them buttons sexy eh?


    I thought i had to do my stuff again and i saw the ui messed up or looked erased, and this is how i managed to find out to reset the way it was, idk worked for me.
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    Interesting character. In his description he reminds me something like plasma Diablo) cool mix. Maybe you will use some elements for his head from this famous picture Name:  diablo.jpg
Views: 2230
Size:  116.6 KB only with plasma.
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    This character looks really cool! Will be nice to see it in 3d.
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    Very interesting character,i will follow your progress.

    P.S. I like what you have done with Zbrush interface
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    Used Dynamesh, ClayBuild, and move topology brush with a bit of smooth here a little smooth there, and references lots and lots of references.
    Started with a sphere for the torso, then added zspheres for arms and lower half, after molding, dynameshed it all together, then sphere for the temp head, very weird and not what i usually do but it was different. Most likely will zsphere the hands and toes and then i got a good base to work with.

    I forgot to head size him, this should be better now, not much was done otherwise.
    A slightly more serious effort was made this day, it seems i hate legs,hands and feet, i will have to rework them leg muscels *purposely* first.

    Row09: thanks for the image i don't think I've ever seen that one, i might give a few ideas a go and maybe make some super rough 3D "sketches" of variations of heads for you all to pick and choose which you like best?

    Thanks Displaced.
    I hope to make something really cool, but who knows what will happen with this, I am just glad to get some more work done.

    Ha, yea thanks i updated the image above of the u.i. that i am using right now, having a bit of a prob with the shortcuts becoming disabled though.
    Might have to just suck it up and use default which is a bit of a downer as i rather really enjoyed what i mixed together especially for this comp it would have helped me immensely.

    Rape this image above tell me to do it over idc, just comment and help a brother from another mother out?
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    Okay somewhat serious attempt at a design concept, i had fun creating it, this is the same one above but in full and on the base mesh i created above.

    To explain this one a bit, the red your seeing is superman's cape torn up and placed around his armor and he also wears it under his armor as a sign of his rule over all.
    The red and black is chain mail, don't know if i will stick to that just yet, the blue lines are armor trim, the white spheres are his power from his energy.

    Going to add the brief of the story how this all happen for those that care.

    Thank you guys for watching i hope you enjoy the show and comment to help me make something i and you will enjoy viewing.

    Brief added.
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    Removed front concept and added this front and back side in this post.

    Read the brief, i just edited the above and added the backside for you all to enjoy, let me know if this is at all good, i want to make something you all like, i mean i like it but if this is not enough then i will do all i can to make it something awesome everyone likes. (Also i made the backside drunk, epic!!)

    I am trying also as i am not at all a concept artist, this was hard to do for me.

    First ever fulll body armor, let's see how it turns out in 3D, obviously it will be much better in 3D as i already have plans to edit a few things, and the final render will be awesome i had ideas since 3 years ago to try to pull off and hopefully this will be the year i can pull them off. =X
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    Hey man. Thanks for the crits on my piece.

    For yours, I would definitely say to make your underlying anatomy solid before attempting to pull off the armor.. Organic stuff in zbrush is a lot easier to control than hard-surface stuff. My greatest advice to you would be to keep your mesh as low poly as possible and mass in your muscle shapes, and then sub-divide and detail up. Find a LOT of ref-- perhaps a combo of real-life anatomy and comic book proportions-- love this book-- Strength Training Anatomy-- by Frederic Delavier.. tons of drawn pictures of body builders with areas of muscle groups highlighted and sectioned out-- one of the greatest tools to have by your side while constructing your anatomy. If you start your character out at too high of polygons, it will begin to look blobby, which is what I'm seeing in your body mesh so far.-- if you start your model out as a dynamesh, keep your res low-- like between 32 and 64-- when you get the over all shape you need, turn off dynamesh and start subdividing-- I still use the Zsphere method to keep my starting mesh as simple as possible and then I will ZRemesh it for better topology and build up to what you see.. hope this helps man, as a starting point-- after that, the hard-surface stuff is a little easier-- your drawing is pretty sound-- my suggestion would be to export your body mesh into Max or Maya and build your base mesh armor plates in there, unless you're comfortable with creating your meshes right in zbrush-- If you are just using zbrush, keep your shapes simple and use the extract methods and panel loops.. they'll take you far and keep your meshes pretty clean for the most part-- I'm not going to go into how to use them because you can find a lot of tuts online about them, but I will make a suggestion to pick up Mike Pavlovich's Eat 3D vid for hard-surface sculpting, the one w/ the big red robot on the cover.. cheers man, and good luck with your piece.
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    I strongly recommended you to not waste your time on anatomy if there will be an armor on character.
    Like armor concept, will be watching your progress. I wonder, how you will make those light things
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    Very cool choice brother all the best of luck to you too, nice concept and story,looking forword to this
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    i like the concept.

    for the anatomy just take a screenshot of your character from different views and place some anatomy reference on top of it in photoshop. even if he has an armor is really important to block out all the main proportions and shapes before you start working on the hard surfaces.

    good luck!
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    I dig the concept you came up with, for the sculpt itself, I would drop down a few subdivision levels and grab the move brush and push the silhouette a bit more. Right now everything feels a bit boxy, if you sort this out early you will have a much easier time when you're handling the armor.
    Also try not to get too detailed with your muscle sculpting, the body should just be acting as a a base to build your armor properly. Focus on the muscle group forms overall.
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    Going to just be updating this one post with the new cleaned up version of the concept don't want to keep posting for every little update in a new post, f.y.i. for those that care.
    Cause i just realized the hand with flame, lol.. see don't be lazy.

    Cleaned the back and made everything the way I wanted it to appear at least in the concept so far.

    I am having fun doing this concept, finally get to put a decent design together, now that that is over i can play with the forms as everyone has suggested on my base.

    Thank you that will help a lot, i was looking through a few items you suggested in the morning before playing with my concept again. I also saw a short video of the work Mike does and damn that is ever so helpful veryone should check those out.
    Thank you hopefully i can make something well enough in 3D with all this amazing information you've directed me to review.

    Mindthrower, puneet, M4rt3:
    Thanks guys, i will try my best, so far so good - enough, eh?

    Thank you for that i will do as you suggest i think it would be a good idea to drop the count considerably.
    I will drop the dynamesh with zremesher hopefully i get a good lowpoly flow and i can tweak things better with the reference Jmiles suggested to me i think i can actually pull something decent looking off.

    Thank so much everyone for your comments keep them coming after every update i'll try to do the same for your entries lets all my something cool.

    Also don't make it too easy on the pros.

    My hand hurts, time to rest it, more soon.
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    Challenging character...nice progress. good luck!
    My Portfolio
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    nice concept,keep it up!
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    My superman will take on your helspont! lol!

    Nice concept, good luck dude!
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