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Thread: Introductions Thread.

  1. Lilium is offline
    Location: Qubec
    Posts: 1
    Hi people!
    I'm the newest member here !
    My name's Alicia, but since the last 10 years I've been known by my username : Lilium. I was making graphic art when 100% Photofiltre was still alive.
    I have a master in architecture and i'm aiming for my dream job : being an environment artist.

    So let's start today!
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  2. segunvil is offline
    Location: Peru
    Posts: 1
    hello my name is heber, I'm from Peru, I am an illustrator, comic artist and coneptual artist.
    I like being part of this community and I hope to see many great works and upload my work too. Thank you.
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  3. jbe
    jbe is offline
    Location: South Africa
    Posts: 1
    I'm Junia, crazy but not a stranger to creative thingies..!!
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  4. Lineikosen is offline
    Location: Ahmedabad
    Posts: 1
    Hello all Member of Gameartisans , i really enjoyed this forum and i am newbie to here, i am a 3D Artist , working on 3D Exterior Design, Architectural 3D Exterior Rendering, 3D Visualization Exterior Rendering, 3D Exterior Rendering, 3D Exterior Rendering Services, Residential 3D Exterior Rendering, Industrial 3D Exterior Rendering, 3D Exterior Home Design, 3D Villa Exterior Rendering, 3D Exterior rendering view, So This is Me,
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  5. noufelb is offline
    Posts: 3
    Hi guys, my name is nawfal benbennasser, am a moroccan 3d artist, i studied, lived and worked in france for 6 years, now i returned to morocco as a freelancer.
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  6. corey23 is offline
    Location: mexico
    Posts: 1
    So hi Im David (corey, my nickname) 3D Artist, zbrush sculpture, work on acreative studio as Character artist and my main interest is to improve my work performance for videogames.
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  7. FrozenRain is offline
    Location: Indonesia
    Posts: 1
    Hello everyone, my name is Andy. I'm a freelance character artist. Have been visiting this site for long time, enjoying and admiring all the cool works here. Well, hopefully I can participate for the next comic con challenge!
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  8. flare3103 is offline
    Location: Vietnam
    Posts: 1
    Hi everybody, my name is Minh and I am from Vietnam. I am an artist for 6 years and love to make illustrations for videogames. Welcome to check out my portfolio!

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  9. BrashMonkey is offline
    Location: Saint Ave France
    Posts: 3
    Hi everyone,
    Mi name is Mike and I'm a veteran 2d game artist/pixel artist. I'm also the co-founder of BrashMonkey, makers of Spriter.
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  10. roberto2004 is offline
    Location: Roma
    Posts: 1
    Hi everyone! I'm Roberto and Im a 3d generalist.
    Nice to meet you!

    My portfolio:
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  11. JonathanNascone is offline
    Location: San Fransico
    Posts: 1
    Hey community! I am a game developer vet with about 16years of experience making characters. HERE is a link to some of my work. Thanks!
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  12. sammyipho is offline
    Location: Hong Kong
    Posts: 1
    Hi! My name is Sammy Ho.
    I am a 3D artist from Hong Kong, develop mobile game.
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  13. Nikks is offline
    Location: india
    Posts: 1


    hii all
    nikhil patil from India here .. i am self taught 3d artist new in 3d industry don't forget to check my portfolio ..
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