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Thread: Introductions Thread.

  1. MM
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    Posts: 524
    my name is Mashru and i am an artist at Kaos. good luck to everyone. you will need it
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  2. JPSeiler is offline
    Location: Monterey CA
    Posts: 2
    Hey guys,

    my name is Jean-Pierre, i'm from germany and i'm currently in the process of immigration in the USA. Since i have no temp workpermit by now, i have plenty of time. Didn't did alot of art since a couple of years, but definatly looking forward, to get into it again, with that great competion.

    Wish anyone fun and luck with the comp!
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  3. GraphicDragon is offline
    Location: USA
    Posts: 1
    My name is Robert Eddings and I'm a freelance artist. This year's comp looks like it's going to be a wild one. I look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield, both friend and foe.
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  4. Pedro Toledo is offline
    Location: Austin - TX
    Posts: 8
    I'm Pedro Toledo father of two beautifull girls (they are too young!!! get out!) and character artist for Liquid Development (remotelly).

    Looking forward to seeing all the cool stuffs people will show here.
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  5. Emil Mujanovic is offline
    Location: Melbourne
    Posts: 61
    I'm Emil Mujanovic, I'm an environment artist over at Big Ant Studios in Melbourne, Australia.
    I'm representing team Polycount.
    Fred liked my avatar so much, that he copied it and made an anti-polycount one. BISH!

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  6. Parnell is offline
    Location: Boston
    Posts: 726
    My name is Brian Parnell a.k.a modeling_man. I am lead artist at Iron Lore Entertainment.
    I'm pretty excited about this site, and can't wait to see some amazing work from everyone here.
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  7. nacire is offline
    Location: Nashville, Tn.
    Posts: 12
    Hey everyone. Forrest Crump here . In between jobs currently but I've worked on Middle Earth Online and Geist. Good luck to all as this should be pretty damn awesome!
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  8. arshlevon is offline
    Location: los angeles
    Posts: 25
    i'm samuel sharit , freelance character artist. worked on a ton of games, right now i am trying to finish all my work so i have nothing to work on for the rest of the month. looks like i will be able to devote most of the comp time just to my entry i am excited this year cause last year i was at a studio and crunching right now and i didnt get to finish.
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  9. urgaffel is offline
    Location: Lichfield
    Posts: 18
    Hey y'all, Urgaffel aka Peter Åsberg reporting in. In between jobs at the moment so who knows, maybe I can give this war a shot...
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  10. East is offline
    Location: Bergen, Norway
    Posts: 319
    Hello there. My name is David, and for a living I'm currently doing something that is completely unrelated to this site's theme, but I am working on changing that.
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  11. Chasarsis is offline
    Location: Atlanta
    Posts: 429
    Hey everyone. I'm Rashad Foux, student and freelance artist. I'm starting my third year at the Art institute of Atlanta in Game Art and Design and I love modeling beyond anything else
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  12. Jason-Lavoie is offline
    Location: Kingston
    Posts: 26
    Hey all, my names Jason Lavoie. I'm currently a student (just got out of High School) so I haven't gotten my foot in the door just yet, but practice makes perfect, and I believe the Dominance War will really help with that.

    Good luck to all, and see you out in the battle field... OF THREEDY DOOM!
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  13. erik1338 is offline
    Posts: 1
    Hey, i'm erik lindgren. Nice forum, and very interesting competition,,
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  14. brome is offline
    Location: Vancouver
    Posts: 52
    Hi, my name is Adam Bromell. Environment artist over at Threewave in Vancouver, BC.

    Some familiar faces around here, can't wait to see where this site takes off to.
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  15. TryForce is offline
    Location: Germany, Berlin
    Posts: 1,031
    My name is Dmitri Zyganow, 16 years old and still student.
    Living in Germany but my Blood is Russian.
    Have been working for 4 years in 3D and 2D. Mainly doing only Lowpoly stuff.

    nice site!
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  16. luxury is offline
    Location: LA.CA.USA
    Posts: 1

    My name is Zach Haefner, and I'm a senior artist (Menus/UI) at Pandemic Studios, but 3D game art is my anti-stress nighttime hobby.

    Just what I needed. Another forum to browse through.
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  17. mrkite is offline
    Location: Edinburgh
    Posts: 142
    hi, my name Andy Nisbet and I work as a freelance character artist in the uk. I'm aiming to enter the war later in the month when my workload lets up a bit, stab you then!
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  18. bounchfx is offline
    Location: Albany
    Posts: 99

    My name is Brent LaDue, and I'm currently a Student of Game Art and Design at the Art Institute of Schaumburg. been working in 3d for almost two years

    I've never done a contest in 3d before but I was really interested in this and thought oh what the hell, although I do have classes and stuff to focus on, I want to push myself and see what I am really capable of and this would be a great place to do it. oh and it'd be a nice addition to my portfolio when I'm looking for a job or internship (very soon).
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  19. Rick Stirling is offline
    Location: Edinburgh
    Posts: 22
    Rick Stirling, like it says up there ^^^^. is just a blog with some very useful games industry information.

    I'm based in Edinburgh, and currently I'm making a game where you drive and run around and shoot and do missions.

    My last few published games were GTA: San Andreas, GTA:LCS and GTA:VCS.
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  20. Titan is offline
    Posts: 2
    Paul LaSalle...Dallas Tx.
    Currently working at Ensemble studios....have worked on UT2K4, Brothers in Arms: EIB, Shadowbane and WOW xpak.
    I cant wait to start this project...I know Vitaly who won last years contest and several guys here at the studio who are entering. Competition will be tough...but ultimately will be great for the CG community overall...
    good luck everyone.
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