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Thread: Dmitriy Parkin's Imrod model (Domwar3 Winner)

  1. Yung is offline
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    Dmitriy Parkin's Imrod model (Domwar3 Winner)

    I am not sure how many people had known this, but when I was browsing through the past year winners, I found this model that is generously provided by Dmitriy Parkin on his website.

    I had emailed the artist and been allowed to share this great piece of art. Seeing how Dominance War 4 is coming soon, this is definitely a great source of knowledge and information. I am currently trying to learn as much as I could from this model, and I hope others could gain as much as well.

    A round of applause to Mr. Dmitriy Parkin :thumb:

    and here's the model rendered in Maya with pico engine.

    Anyway here's the link to the files:
    Imrod High Poly
    Imrod Low Poly

    The high poly is the completed zbrush sculpt.
    The low poly has the imrod.obj file and the textures.

    Could someone provide a webspace for this? I am currently using rapidshare, since I do not know of anywhere else to upload. Let's try not to overload the owner's website hehe.
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  2. illadam is offline
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    sweet! Thanks Yung (and Dmitry of course)!
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  3. Mike_K is offline
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    very cool, I read in his zbrush interview that he uses flatten and pinch brush a lot, which really shows in his sculpt... if it helps anyone
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  4. Shadownami92 is offline
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    I was just looking through moddb and found this

    It's pretty cool that he's letting artists dissect it to see how he made it xD
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  5. dmightyone is offline
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    great stuff, thanks for sharing this link yung ,and of course, dmitriy for the great model, that's an amazing piece of reference
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  6. blankslatejoe is offline
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    well this is certainly nice of dmitriy! I loved that entry
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    And i was plannin to make this post, but well thanks again, and BTW any tut on how to get such amazing results with XNormal?, i've seen Dmitry used XN for all the normal mappin process!!!
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  8. ReplicA is offline
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    Thanks for the links, and thanks, Dmitriy for the models. I was really curious how he got such great details, and especially all those spikes, on the low poly while keeping it under 9k tri's. That's gonna help me out a lot in the future. Love that he included the textures too, awesome work there.

    Freakmean16, I had issues with xnormal as well, but with the help of some other members here was able to power through them. Main things to remember, scale. If the scale is off according to xnormal, the maps will look way wrong. The other thing, have good uv's. That's a serious thing when it comes to xnormal, it tolerates no crap with uv's. A lot of discussion took place on my thread about it here: Hope you get something out of it.
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  9. eboy is offline
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    This is great. I've always found it interesting to beable to load up others work and have a "nosey" about.

    I'm also trying it with that ShaderFX which is another great tool!

    If they are reading I must thank Dmitriy and both Ben and Kees. :thumb:
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  10. ThatDon is offline
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    awesome find and thanks for sharing :thumb:
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  11. Blenderhead is offline
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    Big difference there! I wonder what he rendered with? Are the maps provided way lower res or did he render the beauty's with larger textures?

    Amazing of him to release his work as well. Cheers Dmitri.
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  12. Pickman is offline
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    lit with two white omni

    Mr.Parkin must have made his maps specifically for whatever engine (real-time renderer) he used. I rendered this in Max09 64bit, using Buzzy's awesome DX Glow shader (available free here: But the illumination map was WAY too intense for the shader so I had to hand tweak the output in Photoshop. I also copied the specular data into an alpha channel to control the glossiness(the shader supports it). Didn't alter it in any way, just pasted into a seperate channel inside the spec targa.

    Did this in little more than 30 min worth of "work". Thanks so much Yung for bringing this to my attention, and thank you ParkParkin for sharing this with the community. Very inspirational.......BRING ON THE WAR!!
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  13. eboy is offline
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    Blenderhead, I believe the rendered image you are referring to is the Beauty shot where anything goes. So I assume some post processing would have gone into it.

    Below is the real-time render which looks to me like it could be UE3.

    I had a quick go at throwing a standard shader together using Shader FX. Below is just a screen grab from my viewport with no real light setup.
    Attached Images  
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  14. YdoUwant2know is offline
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    Wow, it is always great to be able to see first hand how a model of this caliber is put together. Thanks Yung for posting this and thanks even more to Mr. Dmitriy Parkin for sharing his amazing work with the community.
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  15. kessler is offline
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    Yung you are a star.!!! thank you very much for this most valuable information.
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  16. Wynn is offline
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    wow.. really nice of Dmitriy to put this up for everyone. Thanks!
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  17. Aftermath is offline
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    heres a quick mental ray render with a little pose

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  18. Revliss is offline
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    ok so it render out better with mental ray then real time render hmm what the setting ??? looks like a lot of the detail got eaten up by shaderFX. can any one try to export it in to UT3 and see how it looks ??
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  19. eboy is offline
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    UE3 will always give a model its own look. As will Shader FX. Like I said though I threw that shader together in 5 mins with no light setup. I'm sure with tweaking you could get a different look.
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  20. Blenderhead is offline
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    Seems like rendering your model to show it at its best is going to be as challenging as the actual modelling! Eep. Better study up on how to do that...
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