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Thread: Dominance war - 2d RobertB - Demon - mockingbird

  1. BadGeometry is offline
    Location: Chicago
    Posts: 107
    Dude, Robert, those concepts look awesome!
    I really love the line quality in those.

    I really like the one that looks like it has a hooded rider on it.
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  2. alabapsi is offline
    Posts: 3
    such a kickass design so far, robert!
    would love to see how it progresses.
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  3. scorn-maniac is offline
    Location: Singapore
    Posts: 233
    The creature is disgustingly good looking. I like your interpretation of the mockingbird. The way the idea is presented as a demon is interesting. Looking forward for more.
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  4. Robert.B is offline
    Location: Altamonte Springs FL
    Posts: 35

    one more for the drawing board

    alright i did this one at work today. Decided to try out a biped and break away from the insect a look a llittle. The design around the skull is the skin from the face it once had.....

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  5. Centrifuge is offline
    Location: Addison, TX
    Posts: 269
    well robert b...this is just one of the best eyegasms I've ever had, lol. your treatment of anatomy is fantastic! and your concepts are freakishly awesome. definitely loving where you're going with this. gl to you
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  6. Robert.B is offline
    Location: Altamonte Springs FL
    Posts: 35
    thefro3po Hey man so glad to see you on the boards thanks for stopping in.

    Draxxuss Hey man thanks for all your useful feedback I guess ill have to make a choice as with one of these designs at some point. I guess thats the hard part about having fun.

    GhostDancer Dude! Your here! hehe im so glad to be bumping into you!
    I love your concepts by the way! thans for dropping me a line:thumb:

    Mogster Thanks for the support dooder!

    walrus Hey man i love your av lol. Thanks for the support.

    Segvoia Im so glad my thoughts arent disturbing anyone lol. Thanks for your support! Im gonna bounce over to CGT and check up on ya

    Cold Hey dude thanks for the feedback, and don't worry I dont get offended to easily lol. A lot of your "critiques" seem to be from your own biases toward design, and aesthetics so ill take them with a grain of salt.

    deadred Hey Deady ^_^! <3

    Yihyoung Li Hey man much appreciation for your feedback. Yeah im still sitting here scratching my chin trying to pick a design to go with.:think:

    banuo Cheers!

    LotusEater Hey devin i had no idea you were on these boards, but ya know what it doesnt surpise me . Thanks for the support man!

    zachfree Thanks man,yeah i have so many different people liking each concept for different reasons each week which really is making the decision process pretty tough. Thanks for the feedback

    Pizza Explosion Thanks man! Your av makes me hungry 0_0

    Davek Hey man thanks for dropping in. I actually pull my inspiration from a multitude of sources mostly animal and human anatomy, but if your seeing some silent hill in there cool beans cuz i love the series

    xdupox Yeah Its a tough call which is what i love because then im really challenged to combine the best features of each design into one successful visual target. thanks for stopping in.

    BadGeometry hey lol more faces and names i recognize Thanks for the support man.

    alabapsi Oh Hi There 0_0.

    Well hey if your inspired then me joining this contest was worth it because I am in it for the practice and inspiration cycle/feed back

    Centrifuge Dude thanks for the kind words!
    I was just checking out your thread not too long ago your work is strong man! Cant wait to see your final:thumb:
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  7. Miscellaneous is offline
    Location: Montreal
    Posts: 279
    Gotta agree with Draxxuss, the human hands work much better and up the holy-cripes-I-think-i-just-crapped-my underoos-factor.

    Although I do like the thick beastly form of the tentacle monster. Reminds me of the creatures from In The Mouth Of Madness.

    Quote Originally Posted by Draxxuss View Post
    hmm..I found it much more effective to have the human arms holding the skull while wrapped with the skin shroud. these bendy tentacle arms just don't creep me out. I think that is what did it for me earlier on.. there was this beast/bird creature that had inhuman arms protruding from what looked like a foreskin mouth holding a skull.. great! these last ones were all about mix and match human anatomy. while there were some interesting shapes I don't think they match the one prior in terms of design and cool factor.
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  8. Skue352 is offline
    Location: Orlando
    Posts: 80
    this is going to be a seriously cool painting wat-Cha!!! i am so excited to see what happens with this!!! :thumb: i want to see more hand neck stuff!!!
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  9. Destructica is offline
    Location: Sumqayit
    Posts: 223
    i like the idea of hands
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  10. aesis412 is offline
    Location: boston
    Posts: 156
    coming out sick man, more updates pls.
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  11. Obstacle is offline
    Location: Orlando
    Posts: 54

    great work

    im loving your style, love seeing the progress of your work.
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  12. Obstacle is offline
    Location: Orlando
    Posts: 54
    i really like the octopus arms, very organic.
    your muscle definition is pretty much amazing.
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  13. mr_z is offline
    Location: Seattle, WA
    Posts: 47
    Tons of good silhouettes you got bro! You do have a knack for wicked creature stuffs. Good luck.
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  14. Dill-n is offline
    Location: Orlando, FL
    Posts: 315
    These are some awesome designs, the thought you put into it definitely shows. I'm excited to see the finished piece.
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  15. Aldo ESOL Luna is offline
    Location: Miami
    Posts: 18
    like most i love the designs
    They definitely push the idea of being an abomination especially the earlier beastly designs and the tentacle handed versions. It is a good break from the typical generic demon.

    I will definitely be following your work
    not just cause I know you but because I respect your work
    and I wouldn't be in this competition had you not mentioned it in class.

    In case you don't remember me
    I am Aldo one of the students that was in your lab for CDC last month. I am that guy with the curly hair that gave you a music CD.
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  16. richiewu1986 is offline
    Location: San Francisco
    Posts: 45
    Great anatomy!
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  17. beelow is offline
    Location: Las Vegas
    Posts: 148
    I like the concept in post 9. I think you should go with that one. Awesome stuff Robert. I am going to assume that I will be enjoying your thread, LOL. Really sweet stuff though. Good luck.
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  18. Robert.B is offline
    Location: Altamonte Springs FL
    Posts: 35

    model sheet

    alright guys sorry about the long over due update but its been pretty busy around the home and work. Any way i got around to finishing the final target and model sheet. I decicded to give him a stinger for a little extra offense. Alright back to the drawing board more updates to come.

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  19. wanderingmonk is offline
    Location: Toronto
    Posts: 39
    I like it.... it's terrifying
    There's also something very confident about your sketches that really makes me want to keep looking at this.
    I love the flow of this creature from the tail on up to it's head. The whole spine carries this design well. And the head really makes this drawing. I'm looking for a face, but all I see are these ghoulish arms beckoning at me.
    I feel like the wings leave something to be desired though.
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  20. IBreslav is offline
    Location: Tel Aviv
    Posts: 222
    Your concept rocks!
    Really love the one in the bottom, and the drawing of the head in the right corner.
    Great stuff
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