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Opportunity posted on: 11.04.2015
Fenrir Studios
2D Environment Concept Artist
Stockton, California, USA
Dark Storm (Fenrir Studios) Recruiting 2D Environment Concept Artists

Hello everyone, Fenrir Studios is looking for talented artists to help build the world of Dark Storm. We are Looking for 3-5 2D Environment Concept Artists.

About Dark Storm Ascension Dark Storm: Ascension is an indie stealth action title, with roots heavily inspired by classic games such as Metal Gear Solid and Deus Ex. You play as Amber Kingsley, a form Army Special Forces soldier that was dishonorably discharged after a failed mission in North Korea, which resulted in the deaths of several members of her squad. Now riddled with guilt, Amber has joined Ancile, a private military corporation charged with protecting the Irving Apex Facility in Alaska. There she hopes to find a new purpose, but will ultimately be forced back into action when the base comes under attack from a mysterious enemy.

Job Description:

A 2D Environment Concept Artist is expected to provide the team with inspirational illustrations including; environment and object exploration and paint overs. Also the ability to be able to draw storyboards, color and lighting compositions and character designs is a plus.

- Work under the Creative Director and Art Director and develop concept artwork that defines the overall look and art style for the game

- Create concept designs and art direction materials

- Design a wide range of original concepts and subject matter

- Work within different stylistic boundaries set by the Creative Director and Art Director

- Collaborate with other team members in order to develop the visual direction for game

Essential Skills and Experience

- An excellent understanding of color theory, perspective, lighting, and composition

- Thorough knowledge and experience with Adobe Photoshop or Painter

- Must have excellent 2D skills and traditional technical knowledge

- Good written and verbal English skills

Requirement for Environment Concept Artist:

- Spend 6-8 hours a week working on project

-Must attend our weekly meetings and be active on Skype almost daily

- Positive attitude

- Willing to take and give positive criticism


Payment: Payment will be on a percent basis after the game is released everyone on the team that helped will receive an amount calculated off the amount of work they did that makes it into the final build. We plan to release on Steam and any other services that will allow. Everyone is required to sign an initial Royalty Contract and a final upon release. Leaving the team before release will lower your overall percent.

How Can I Apply?

Please read through this entire job post to ensure you understand the requirements and responsibilities involved and send a resume to, with a link to your portfolio at: [email protected]

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