Job Post
Opportunity posted on: 11.15.2014
Racing Management Sim
2D Graphics Artist
Cairns, Queensland, Australia
About The Project
So the project is a profit share project where you (The graphics Artist) will split the revenue from the game (with me the programmer) 50/50, with the goal to work on future games together. The game itself is a management game that you are a crew chief of a team and you must try and get your driver to be a championship driver. Every driver is different and there are 3 tiers of championships where you will start out in the lower championship and you will get new contracts with better teams in the higher championships. The game is based upon nascar but not licensed by nascar but will be a realistic simulation and hopefully in the future we will be able to get this game to have a official license from nascar. The player will be able to see stats from every driver that has raced in at least one race and also will be able to see his stats on how well he has performed in every level of racing as crew chief in the game.

Are you interested?
If you are interested you can contact me at [email protected] We will need to update each other on what is happening with the project. If you are also interested in working with me in the long term we can start out the game studio together we we will name the company and we will be on equal standing to each other no one is the boss and that we can make games that you have designed or have an idea for. I hope to find someone that is willing to be my partner long term but one project is also fine.

No payment upfront on this project it is based on the sales of the game and you will be paid 50% of what the game makes.

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