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Opportunity posted on: 10.26.2014
Freakout Games
3D Artist / Animator

Freakout Games is an indie development studio. We are basically into mobile game development and are now venturing into PC platform.

As a start up we have already released two android games and its available in many stores like Google Play Store, Amazon, SlideMe etc.

Our team members consist of game industry professionals.We work full time in gaming studio and do this work after our day job.

As a team we are very flexible and every member has the freedom to pitch there ideas and views about the game.

Talent Needed:
1) Modeller + Texturing Artist
2) Animator (Rigger)
3) VFX Artist

Previous Work by Team Two of our games can be downloaded from Google play store:

1) Freaky Tup:

2) Freaky Dragon:

Its a non-paid job at present but the scenario will get changed in future. Full credit will be given to your work and will be part of long term collaboration. We are trying to venture into other domains like comics, web development etc to get the monetary process started so that team members can be paid gradually.

Technology: We are using Unity3d game engine.

Contact Method:

Please send your Resume/CV to: [email protected]

or you can reach us through our website:

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