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Opportunity posted on: 10.11.2014
Unvanquished Development
3D artist, HTML/CSS/C++ coder



Unvanquished is a free, open-source FPS game with RTS elements, facing off technologically advanced humans against monstrous aliens. Players can choose either team, and must maintain a base while attempting to destroy enemy base structures. Humans rely on a broad variety of weapons and futuristic equipment, while aliens utilize claws, poisonous bites, and more.


The game itself is under highly active development, with monthly alpha releases made on the first Sunday of each month, bringing new artwork, gameplay, and engine features to the community. Pre-alpha began September 2011, and our first alpha release was March 2012. We have made more than thirty alpha releases since then, and we expect to reach beta sometime next year.

Our project receives regular coverage on major sites like Phoronix, where we have been praised for the quality of our artwork for an open source project. The team behind Unvanquished is an international one, and developers range from experienced hobbyists to professionals contributing their free time, all of whom are centrally coordinated on our IRC channel and forums.



We are looking to fill several positions to help bring us closer to beta next year. Although all positions are unpaid due to the non-commercial, open-source nature of the project, you will be fully credited for your work and it will be an excellent portfolio opportunity. The amount of time you can commit is up to you.

If you are interested, feel free to email me directly at [email protected] with what you are interested in working on and a few examples of your work. Depending on the position, this can either be a personal website, a link to a coding profile, a formal portfolio, or simply a demo reel or a few image attachments.



Hard-surface modelers

We presently have concept art for multiple weapons that need to be modeled. It would be desirable if you could provide the assets for a firing effect as well, but this is not a requirement. We may also be able to offer hard surface props if you are interested in doing a human base structure or map objects.

Organic modelers

There are several alien base structures that must be modeled, ranging from a large central structure to more standard base components. All of these structures are stationary, but they will receive a range of animations. You can animate your model if you are familiar with animation, or our animators can do it for you.


UI designers (HTML/CSS)

Our new UI system is based off libRocket, which allows us to utilize HTML/CSS for the in-game interface. Designers can easily create new interface elements, such as HUDs to be used by both teams, new menu designs, and other means of extending in-game functionality. You can create new assets, or work off our pre-existing ones.

C++ programmers

We are in the process of upgrading our engine from C to C++, and have made huge strides in updating our inherited Quake 3 codebase. There is plenty of refactoring work to be done, and an assortment of other projects that can be given to new programmers interested in contributing to our engine development.

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