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Opportunity posted on: 04.21.2014
3D Character Artist

Project Title:



The Short Pitch

MineCraft meets DayZ meets the Middle East,with Ghul and Djinn instead of Zombies or Creepers.

The Long Pitch

'Atajrubah' is the Arabic word meaning (an)'Experience' and that's what I hope to make this game. Its set in a 1930's to 1940's era and is strongly influenced by Arabian Folklore and Architecture. The world is open for the player to explore either on their own or with their friends , using the Oculus Rift for full immersion the player will discover hidden secrets and deadly enemies in a colorful and rich fantasy world.

While Atajrubah is not an MMO scale multiplayer experience it is a persistent world sandbox.Up to 30 or so players can join each other in adventuring,trade,crafting,exploration and melee combat against each other or npc creatures such as bandits,ghul and djinn.

Is there any interest in this game ? The response to the game has been overwhelmingly positive both from the online gaming community and from the hundreds of people that I've demoed the game to at IGN Convention and Comicon. This culminated in Atajrubah getting Greenlit on Steam in March !

Atajrubah Steam Trailer


- Large open world environment for players to explore.

- Player and world persistance.

- Flexible,simple crafting system.

- Trading and persistent player built structures.

- Survival mechanics.

- Cross platform.

- Oculus Rift support.

Team Name:


Who is involved in this project ?

I've been fortunate enough to have found amazing team member to work with on this project, below is a list of people involved with production and the roles they fulfil.

Alan Robinson - Programmer,Designer

Dan Reese - Environment Artist, Co-Designer

John Kochanczyk - Sound Engineer

A.J Lournie - Composer

Lulu Al Ali - Cultural Consultant

What do you do ?

I'm a freelance Visual Effects Artist and Indie Developer based in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. I put 60+- hrs/week into the project.My time is spent programming Gameplay Mechanics & UI, R&D ,collaborating on game design with Dan and communicating with the other team members. You can see some of my older work here :

In addition to this I spend time dragging myself to Conventions across the UAE, in order to promote the game and give people a hands on experience with the Oculus Rift. I also write updates about these experiences and development type things from time to time, the most recent one can be found here :

[That one about Comicon Dubai,UI and Art Assets]

Talent Required:

3D Character Artist(1)

- Motivated,Passionate,Professional Attitude

- Proficient in using Zbrush as main character modelling toolset, must hold valid Zbrush license.

- Portfolio/Showreel

- Must be comfortable working remotely with regular Skype contact.

- Prior Experience/Shipped titles a bonus

You will be responsible for modelling and texturing characters and clothing depicted in concept art materials, to a standard similar to or greater than that established in previous character/creature assets.

Whats it like working with you ?

I am very easy going and well mannered , I understand that whats being offered to you may not be a great deal initially and as such I am not very demanding and more than happy to allow for some flexibility with deadlines and artistic license.


As with many Indie titles money isn't overly abundant at the moment, we have been Greenlit on Steam and will be going into Early Access around November 27th. From that point onward we can offer a 10% revenue split, the same deal that all the team members including myself have agreed to.





E-mail: [email protected]

Skype: alan.william.robinson

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