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Opportunity posted on: 05.19.2014
Magic Sandbox
3D Environment Artist
English, German

We are a team of 2 from germany working on the Morrowland project. Morrowland is an Action Adventure FPS game with a focus on fast, clever combat and a funny storyline. Inspirations are games like Secret of Mana, Zelda and Half Life. The player has to use the environment to beat several dungeons and other areas. You can have a look at an early combat preview here:

Morrowland Combat Preview - Youtube

We are looking for a talented 3D Environment Artist who is able to create an original look for the Morrowland world.
- You will get a theme, mood and blockouts for important interactable objects.
- Other than that you are free to give the game your personal unique look.

This is not a paid position.
After a short trial period you will get a contract that ensures you a split of the games revenue.

If you are interested write a short email or PM with a link to your portfolio or images of your previous work.

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