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Opportunity posted on: 08.18.2014
Sharkbomb Studios
Artist (Style, Concept, Asset)
German, English

Hi, I'm Martin from Sharkbomb Studios and I'm currently looking for a collaborating, co-conspiring artist to join me on a larger game project. Check the link for a detailed look at the project:

BURNING ROADS - Artist Wanted!

Project Basics

The game is currently in the early development phase and planned for release in very late 2015 on as many platforms as possible. It is designed to be a commercial game but there currently is no budget so this would be a partnership with payment only if there is funding or sales at a later date. On the upside: This also means that there is ample opportunity to help shape the project. I am currently working by myself, part-time, shaping the core gameplay mechanics.

The game itself is a roguelike with a card-game-like conflict resolution system. That's quite a mouthful, but what it means is that the game world is generated at random each time you start a new game. Play features permadeath: Characters that die are lost - you can not load previous save games. While one playthrough is pretty short (maybe 1-3 hours), the game is not over after one game, because it is difficult and also invites exploration. Players can also unlock new content for the game through multiple runs.

The current setting idea is a post-apocalyptic science-fiction world (without zombies). The player has to build, grow and lead a convoy to safety across a hostile planet. Here a lot of input is possible and desired. I'd love to build and detail this world in collaboration with the artist.

What I am looking for

And as said, I'm currently looking for an artist to help out. That means someone to help develop the art-style and create concept art during the early phases and then to create actual game assets later during production. To make the small team-size work it would be essential that the style makes asset creation relatively quick. So think less hyperrealistic 3d and about a more abstract style: pixel-graphics, vector style, low-poly modelling. That kind of thing.

Some experience with game development is a must. You should be technically versed and able to create game-assets that work in the game. Familiarity with the Unity Engine is a plus. Additionally it would be great if you live in Germany, prefereably Southern Germany. If that's not the case, living in a nearby time zone would be preferable.

What I can offer

A creative and collaborative development process: I want you to be part of the development and provide input on all facets of the game. I am a dedicated developer, willing to go full-time during certain phases of the project. I'm also willing to invest some of my own money intp this. I have over 10 years of experience making games and I'm well-connected in the German game development scene.

Additionally I want to offer you a fair cut of the sales revenue, based on your time investment.

If this sounds interesting to you, check out the current briefing page:

BURNING ROADS - Artist Wanted!

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