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Opportunity posted on: 07.28.2015
Deusald Studio
Concept and Digital Artist
English, Polish
Im a software engineering student and Im making a game to pay my bills. The game is a clone/remake of PSP game named Patapon. Im making it for smartphones and tablets. The game is about little creatures who want to visit the end of the world. The player is their god, who can communicate with them only by 4 drums. Player must hit drums in the correct order and in rhythm to play. Im not making Patapons but completely new game but with the same game mechanism. When you will write in youtube Patapon, you will find many of examples of gameplay. Its really fun and pleasure to play game. When the game will be in proper stage, I will send it to KickStarter, to get money, to pay for your work. Even if I would not got enough money from it, I will make everything what is in my power to pay you. I know that a word is not so much but I hope some of you will trust me and we will make this awesome game. At least we can share the profit. Ok lets say what I need.

I need 2 kinds of graphic designers. One is concept artist who will draw all creatures and monster concepts. And one digital graphic who will draw all graphic that will be directly in a game. If you are interested to help me please write email to me (mail below).

The email for concept artist should contain:
  • Your portfolio
  • Your idea of little creature. This shouldnt be Patapon! You must create your own little, sweetie creature.
  • One monster.
  • Your price.
The email for digital graphic should contain:
  • Your portfolio
  • Your idea for a game style, some backgrounds, buildings, weapons. You can google and see what Papapon style is. I dont want to copy it. The style must be just clear and minimalist.
  • Your price
If I found someone I will tweet it on my profile.
My mail: [email protected]
Waiting for mails from you. Have a nice day :)

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