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Opportunity posted on: 12.09.2015
Rusty Gears
Environment modelers,Animators

What is the game:
A JRPG-style game involving social links and the battle system from Grandia made in the Unity engine. A different setting involving varied characters. Anime art style inspired by Wind waker and Naruto UNS series.

The game will have different features like crafting, base building.For the battle system we're looking at an innovative, skill based turn based system based on the Grandia battle system. There will be multiple endings to the story depending on the players actions.

The game will be 20-30 hours long where we will use reused recycled assets similar to the way they're used in the Persona series. We will have dungeons, crafting and an NPC chat system, The game will be 3D with enemies and characters all modeled.

Current Progress:

  • Currently, we have finished 90% all of the primary character designs for the main characters.
  • We have also finished modelling 2 characters and 2 creatures for the game.
  • A chat system, inventory/equipment system and battle system are in the process of being programmed right now.

Currently the project consists of myself, 1 character modeler, 1 other 2D artist, and three programmers.

We require motivated people to join who will work towards their objectives for at least a year. We will use Trello to assign tasks and Bitbucket/Source Tree to coordinate. We currently need 3D environment modelers who can model in a cel shaded style similar to Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker or Ni No Kuni, if they can contribute to texturing as well that would be a plus. We also require animators who can rig and animate characters as well as creatures.

Any revenue from a possible future Kickstarter or revenue will be shared amongst the team as a percentage share, so this won't be a paid position at present.
To Apply

Send email to [email protected]

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