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Opportunity posted on: 11.07.2014
Lev. Design, Artists/Animators
Japan (we work worldwide)
Hi everyone. We would like to introduce you a new survival third person horror game called, Them & Us, produced by our talented team from Tendogames.

For more info about the company and game please visit here:

This is not a mod and a game. The team and the game we are working at is based on royalty, every staff member is going to be paid according to all the work he/she done as soon the game will be ready and sold. We have a special section to track each member progress for that. A contract also will be created.

You guys maybe have heard already by LordLima a guy that spent 4 years inside the UDK to recreate by himself the whole resident evil 2 game and also included co-op. He finished all this by himself.

And maybe you guys also heard about Vlad, for his work at Ubisoft and AMC Pixel Factory, and for the work done to Trion: Rift, Capcom: Dead Rising 3, Call of Duty Ghosts, and other titles, and also known in the past for his level designing works and in the present for his 3D modelling work. Known also as the award winner of different realistic portraits and works. Together with other professional artists like us, we gathered together to create this survival horror game.

Although the project is in fairly preliminary stages since we just started working, we did a few characters and put together the concept and game mechanic of the game. You can see here more

We could use your help to create a great game. If your a level designer, an rigger/animator, a character artist, a concept artist or a programmer please see the jobs section and contact us here if interested: [email protected]

Best Regards,
Tendogames team

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