Job Post
Opportunity posted on: 07.14.2014
Kevin Smeltzer
Pixel Artist
Hi! I'm assembling a small team of artists for a mobile based game. Company Info I am funding this privately and have not yet formed a company Job Info Overview Pizza Empire is a casual building game targeting mobile devices. It's similar to Hay Day but with the setting of a chain of pizza restaurants instead of a farm. The player starts with one small pizza restaurant and expands to multiple locations to cover as much of the city as possible. Player can also connect with other players. Style Artwork similar to Hay Day Colorful and cartoony appealing to kids and adults of both genders Isometric view for the main game play screen Deadline is approximately 6 months Skills Ability to produce pixel art suitable for mobile phones in the general style indicated above Paid or not? Can be paid small amounts up front. Willing to offer percentage of any profits as well. Email address [email protected] Thanks!

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