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Opportunity posted on: 07.06.2014
Hard Hat Games
Programmer or a 3D Modeler

Hello and welcome. I am DarkUnicycle and I am back on here once again. We had a few people leave us and we are needing to fill some specific spots. Our project is very simple yet requires a-lot of work. The project we are working on is Project Davyd and it is based in the 1497 time period. Now this game is in the alpha stage already so we just need to push the project to beta for everyone to be getting paid.

Storyline: Your a young man named Davyd who's father has gone missing. The mother died giving birth to you so he is the only person you can rely on. You wake up in your fathers cabin and search around for clues to see where your father could have gone. You find pictures of him with other people in this exact cabin and you find out threw some documents that he was a carpenter of the village. You leave the cabin in search for some people in the pictures that you saw. You find a riot going on for a village hanging. From what it sounds like this 8 year old girl is being accused of witchcraft.

Every child has disappeared besides this one, so they say that the only explanation is witchcraft. You offer yourself to go look for the remaining kids to prove the child's innocence. You head out into the dark deep woods to locate the remaining children, along the path all you find are bones and spattered blood agesnt the trees and bark on the ground. You come to a dead end only to find a piles of bones and unfinished piece's of skin. You approach the pile hoping that this is some just horrible prank. You search the pile and find nothing but the remains of the missing children. You turn around to head back to the village and a eyeless and beaten like skull is staring at you only inches from your face. It whispers "I fed your children, now it's there turn to fed me."

Without thinking and Slam my head agesnt his and run towards the village as fast as I could. All I can hear behind me were his bone chilling footsteps right behind mine. His breathing and growling was so clear it was like he was breathing down my neck. I make it to the village, but when I go to turn around I see nothing. No one at all.

We need the following people to join us and our team:

  • D Animator / Rigger
  • 3D Modeler / Props Designer
  • HUD Design
  • Unreal Script
  • Texture Designer
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