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Opportunity posted on: 04.11.2016
Play Remnant
Starship Concept Artist
Hello everyone. I am the 3D modeler on the team for a project called Remnant. It is a Sci Fi 4x Strategy game set in a pre-warp era. The game has already been green-lit on steam and we are looking for someone to concept and design modular spaceships for me to model (I'm not concept artist). Every starship will have the same base and will be modular by design with these parts.

Primary Weapon System

  • Particle Cannon or Railgun, whichever you find will be more visually striking (long range)
  • Missile Launcher System (medium range)
  • Beam Weapon System (short range)
Secondary Weapon System
  • Kinetic Turret Array, classic projectile based turrets arranged around the module
  • Rocket Launcher System, something like submarine torpoedo tubes maybe?
  • Repair Turrets, will fire beams that repair friendly ships
Tactical Systems
  • Bubble Shield module, projects a spherical shield that intercepts incoming projectiles
  • Flares module, launches countermeasures to distract enemy projectiles and targeting systems
  • Jamming module, prevents enemy ships from using their abilities
Utility Systems
  • Engine module, increases the movement speed of the craft
  • Reactor module, increases the recharge rate of ship abilities
  • Cargo module, expands ships carrying capacity
Engine (always the same)
Here is a gif that should give you an idea:
Email me if interested at [email protected]
(my portfolio)
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