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Opportunity posted on: 12.09.2015
Visual Novel Artist
Hello everyone, I wanted to recruit people for this big project of mine, it is a fan game for a game called Tower of Saviors by MadHead, it is a rune spinning game but it also have interesting lore in the game and I have always loved it. So now, I decided to make a Visual Novel game for it and is looking for the following.Do note the game will be rated 18+ and will contain some content others will find disturbing. Also it contains all sexuality, from straight to lesbian to gays and some furrys.
I need those who don't mind drawing NSFW type of work, 2 artist is needed, the art style I am looking for with the Character Sprite and CG artist is a realistic but still packs the anime feeling. As for the background artist we will need your imagination on the main 6 area of the original game.
  • 1 for Background
  • 1 for Character Sprite and CG artist
I do recommend the artist to play the original game first, to know more about the environment and the characters.

Also an extra job which is programmer, so far we have only 1 programmer and if you wanted to you can join in as a programmer too. I am sure our current one will appreciate the help.

Since this is a fan game and the end product will be free to download and play, I can't pay you for now, but if we can complete at least 6% of the game and create a DEMO for MadHead they might give us permission to use kickstarter or maybe even better they will sponsor us.

Here is some question you guys might have:
  • Why only one CG artist?
    Since this is a VN we can't have different art style when it comes to the characters and CG. So you will have to be very hard working since there will be a lot for you to draw.

  • Have you gotten permission from MadHead?
    Half-yes, they said if the project becomes mature then I can sign a formal business proposal with them. Which is what I am trying to do now.

  • Where can I play the original game?
    On the app store, just search Tower of Savior and you will get it, note it does require internet connection and I recommend you bind your account to your facebook or others if you don't want to lose your game data. Also the original game might not be for everyone. It takes some time to improve, even though you need 5 diamonds to draw 1 card but still MH is nice and they give out free diamonds every week. Though if you wanna be quick you can pay for them.

  • Will there be sex scene?
    .....Yes. Yaoi and Yuri too, plus a few furries. So you will have to be very open minded.

  • What is your contribution?
    I am the art director, game director and also story/script writer, if we can use kickstarter and got to certain goal, I might contribute in voice acting too.

For those that have further question or wanted to show me your work please send me a PM or email.

P.S Since we just started out, our team is called Passion and we have no logo yet, so I apologized for that.

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