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Opportunity posted on: 06.09.2015
Get featured in a demo video showing off the Atomontage engine!

Atomontage is a physics-based engine using voxels to describe volume instead of the
traditional polygons. This means you can add hi-res 3d models to the game
engine without having to compromise on quality with a lower-res mesh. The
programmer working on this project isnt an artist however. Thats where you
come in:

Grab any Zbrush/Max/Maya model you have made and upload it an online storage site
and send the link in your email to [email protected] .Hi-res and very detailed
models are preferred. Atomontage does not support any normal
maps. The higher res the better :D There are no limits on content. Ideally wed like
to see a wide variety of content: Characters, environments, vehicles, ships,
monsters, buildings, plants, anything you can think of.

New creations and certainly not be required please feel free to grab whatever you've
got that you've already built. We do however require the models to be your own
original art. No copyrighted material please. For example: Superman is not allowed.

Not all submissions will be guaranteed to be featured. Development is a slow process,
so we cant promise immediate results. Sorry.

Your work will not be used in any commercial or game related purposes besides
demonstrating the creative power of the Atomontage engine.

We want to do our best to credit the artist who created each model. Please submit an
image tag with your artist information youd like to share if your art is picked to
show. Well email you if your work is selected to demo. If you have it, attach a
recent render of your model to the email for an interesting comparison during the

Theres a lot of great things coming to Atomontage. Checkout recent demos:
Youtube library channel

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