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Favourite Software?

My life experience.

Favourite Games?
World of War.

Favourite Movies?
Lord of the Rings.

Favourite Music?
Piano Music.

Dog or Cat Person?
Yes for both.

Future Goals?
Creating unique art.

Bad Habits?
Staying up late.

Good Habits?
A serious work attitude.

Recover from a bad day?
A Self-motivated tweak and adjustment to self.

What is a good day?
When everything goes smoothly and things progress well.

Forum: fanming
Location: China
Email: sqqdqqk - sina.com
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2009 Entry: Dragon Cave

“Indeed, when I became Champion of Unearthly Challenge 2009, it did have an affect on me...”

Introduce yourself. Let everyone know a little about who you are and what you do!

My name is Ming Fan and my passions include a joy for painting, a desire to design and a passion for training other artists in my spare time. In 2007, I entered the game industry. I became a game environment designer. Over time, my position has gradually changed. I now enjoy creating promotional art for games.

It's been a while since you've been crowned as champion. What have you been up to? Did winning Unearthly Challenge affect you in any way?

Generally speaking I have been doing well. Since 2009, my techniques and my artworks have improved and naturally, changed quite a bit. Indeed, when I became Champion of Unearthly Challenge 2009, it did have an affect on me. For example, my personal name and art is now known by many more artists in games. Additionally, new aspiring artists now come to me for advice and/or art instructions. So yes, becoming a champion has been encouraging. The achievement has been encouraging to both my friends as well as to myself.

What was that distinguishing moment when you decided you were an artist?

When thinking about it, I believe that I became an artist because of family influence. My father is an artist in traditional Chinese painting, because of this, I was exposed to art at a very early age. Naturally, I developed an interest for it, so it wasn’t exactly a “distinguishing moment”, rather, my artistic sense has been achieved via a long-term immersion in art.

How did you come up with the idea for your Environment? Was there a specific reason for the design?

Most of my art and ideas stems from things that exist in real life, like a picture, a place or a particular object. I don’t think there were very specific reasons for my design. I just wanted to create a realistic and splendid scene that conveyed something to others. I enjoy creating art that has a strong visual impact with good composition and color. This impact can then be heightened with themes like a burst in silence, or perhaps a last hope in darkness.

Why did you enter Unearthly Challenge?

First, it is because I really like challenges. During my day job, I feel relatively relaxed, yet a little uninspired to truly excel. However, I work whole-heatedly and tend to push myself to the limit when it comes to creating art for a challenge. Aside from a definitive set of rules and boundaries set by a challenge, the rest is all about you and the opportunity you use to test and fully represent yourself, your ideas, and your skills. During a challenge, if you keep a receptive attitude you will see many good ideas and learn a new trick or two. Plus, watching the whole course of a challenge unfold, is usually very fun and also funny at times.

Making art is not the walk in the park everyone thinks it is. How do you keep focused and motivated?

Indeed, artistic creation is mentally exhausting as it needs continuous innovation. As with everything, you can always do it exceptionally well if you like it and have a passion for it. Personally speaking, every time I see an awesome piece of art or cg in a movie or some thing, scene or special effect that moves my heart, my enthusiasm to create will sparkle and I will know inside... I still have a long way to go.

What would be your advice for aspiring artists out there? What type of training do you think would be helpful in becoming a successful environment concept artist?

First, you need to foster a passion for art. Second, I think scene design is about art of space. To make an image successful, there has to be a good balance of space and to master space you have to both love nature and understand it. Get familiar with geographical environments, understand various architectural designs in the west and the east, and finally, be mindful to daily subjects. There are always instances in which you can learn something new. Third, it helps to practice composition, space design and the use of color.

Any final thoughts? Example, thank yous, motivational speeches, evil monologues etc.

Thank you to all my friends who have inspired and encouraged me. Thank you to all those who love scene design. Maybe we are not able to change the world, but we can create a better world together.

The level of detail and care put into each piece is mindblowing. Congratulations FanMing for a remarkable job. Well done!